Inside The Enterprise Project


The Enterprise Project is a culmination of several years worth of intense research and artistry all centered around the television show Star Trek: Enterprise. This project consists of an episode companion and technical manual, with new things being added all the time.

The Enterprise Episode Companion is a basic look into each episode of series and includes a cast, crew and synopsis. It also features a data analysis for each episode and a brief look behind the scenes.

The Enterprise NX-01 Deck Plan Project is a compilation of schematics and plans for the internal structure of this starship. It includes a deck by deck guide, a separate labeled blue print for each deck, larger detailed schematics for major components and auxiliary craft, and technical pages for the engineering of the 22nd Century.

The Enterprise Project is still a work in progress with new additions when I can find the time. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to communicate here on my blog.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy!


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