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Let’s See What’s Out There…
April 5, 2012, 9:52 pm
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Are we alone in the Universe? I don’t think so. It would be a mathematical impossibility for the third planet of the system called Sol to be the only rock teeming with life in the vast ocean of the cosmos that surrounds us. Many scientists have touched on this subject over the last seventy years. Who am I to argue with their numerically backed hypothesis?

So the new question, the better question, is this: what would we do if we were suddenly thrust from a global arena into a stellar arena? It is destined to happen sometime in our future. We are bound to cross paths with whoever is out there in our galactic neighborhood. It might be a few hundred years or a few thousand years before this monumental event happens but it is something that we should be thinking about.

As we move forward I have no doubt that one day we will hurl ourselves off this rocky planet, out of its orbit, and into the depths of space. We may do it with conventional rockets or a fantastic technology that allows us to go far and fast. We may find a way to tunnel through another dimension and simply step through a door onto another planet. But whatever the means, we will continue to explore. The need to understand and our unfailing curiosity will drive us into the inky void. The path is inevitable. But will we do it together? Will we be responsible galactic neighbors? Will meeting another lifeform change our view of ourselves? Will knowing that we are not alone in the universe unite us in a way that no one ever thought possible?

Since I was a child I was taught humans were created for great things but failed when we ate the apple. From that moment it was said that we became unsalvageable, a doomed species. I don’t believe that. Even though we have fallen time and again, we are still capable of great things. I am not a person of beliefs. I am a man of science and logic who tends to base his opinions on facts. That philosophy comes to me naturally. But when it comes to humanity I transform into a person of great faith. I see us, not as what we were, not as what we are, but what we are going to be. I truly believe that we will see “first contact” as a monumental event, one that will change all of us in ways that we can not begin to understand. We just need to be ready for it. We need to start looking toward the future.

Happy First Contact Day.

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Happy first contact day to you as well! Do you have any plans on what to do next? Maybe you could work together with Zell Denver? The creater of LCARS47, she’s really nice. Or starting another schematic series? *Hint* voyager *Hint* ;]

Comment by Jerah Callaghan

I have no plans to build another series of ship schematics, especially anything having to do with Voyager. (I couldn’t sit through that many episodes of the show to do the research without throwing myself in front of a bus.) I am still working on the Companion though. Unfortunately it’s slow work. Time is not something I have much of these days.

But I am working on another project but it is about as far removed from Trek as you can get. Actually it is in a completely different genre of entertainment. What it might be is not something I feel comfortable divulging right now. You folks will just have to wait and see.

Comment by Bryant

Well, with you’re artistic skills I think it’ll be awesome. Ah, I like voyager. You know, apart from Janeway 😛 Got a 1:1 replica in a game, so I know my way around. Anyway, I’d love to see some sneak peaks ;] Guess I’ll wait and see ^^

Comment by Jerah Callaghan

Just found your site. Great work. Ty and keep it up

Comment by shawn

As to first contact, I have no doubt that it will occur, at some point. The real question is what we will do with it? Science Fiction writers, have shown us several paths, about what happens afterwards. On the whole I do not want to be ruled nor to rule, maybe lead… the difference is that the first is always some kind of dictatorship. but to lead means to set an example, a good example.

Comment by John Ritter

I think that it depends on where first contact takes place. If in America, “Vulcans”, or any other alien race that will land on earth first, will have their brains blown out by the Americans (No offense, just my thoughts). Unless they land in a fortunate enough spot. Other locations.. I really don’t know. I’d think they study us before they try and land on earth.. Haha, fun to think about ;P

Comment by Jerah Callaghan

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