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As We Say Farewell To Another Year…
December 22, 2011, 12:07 am
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From me to you this Holiday Season I want to thank everyone for making 2011 an excellent one for The Enterprise Project. It was the year I finally finished this thing!
And lets raise a glass of something green to another productive year. Maybe… just maybe… I might have some new things in mind for 2012. We artists are a fickle mercurial bunch so you never know. Cheers!

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You did an incredible job with this site! Really awesome. It would be great if you could do a time lapse video of how you make a small section or illustration. Obviously you have some mad skills! Once again, great job!

Comment by invenio

Hi Bryant,
greetings from Germany.
Your work is incredible ! (saying the important things first :))
Such details on Enterprise NX-01 are nowhere to find, thank you for this.
As i browsed through this massive information, i got quite a crazy thought. One thing i never saw until now, in all blueprints i could find, is a ceiling of a starship-decks.
So i wanted to ask, did you ever thought about making a deck-plans on this ‘theme’ as well ?
I mean this is in general quite a problem, because ceiling is mostly never really seen in filming-sets, or at very best only partially from low angles, but the variability is sometimes quite high (main-engineering, sick-bay). I’m not really sure about NX-01 but in 1701-D sick-bay for example has this “scanner-array” above the bio-bed or take a bridge, even “lighting-design” is maybe interesting enough for some people.
This is only a question, just wanted to know. 🙂
(if you try to revise/expand your designs just because of this, then you either must really love NX-01 or you must be really crazy ;))

Comment by Andrej

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