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Starships are not Built in a Day…
February 6, 2011, 1:50 pm
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I was clearing out some old files on my blogs this morning and realized I haven’t made a post here in a while. That wasn’t intentional. I get busy and forget about things sometimes. And believe me when I say I have been busy. December and January have been rigorous. I don’t really know how February got here so fast.

But enough of my prattling, here is the scoop. For the last two months I have been plodding along on the cutaways. Unfortunately it is slow work. With the deck plans I was able to build a catalog of assets that I could copy and paste into the plans where I needed them. Corridors, machinery, doors, windows, furniture and even floors were all created ahead of time. It made creating the plans a lot faster. (It also closely resembles the technique that Starfleet would probably employ to actually build a NX-class vessel.) Unfortunately, the cutaway is an entirely new beast asking for a whole new set of assets. Almost every room requires I build everything from scratch and it is taking A LOT of time, especially at the scale and resolution I have chosen.

As of this writing I am pleased to report that I am close to completing the Side Cutaway. Next I can start on the Front Cutaway. I plan to lay the finished schematic out almost identical to the original one so I need both views to complete the layout. As for a finish date, I make no promises to when this thing will be done. Every time I try to throw out an estimate for you guys I end up eating my words.

So stay tuned. Things are moving, just very slowly. Keep checking back here for updates.

Oh and one last thing… here is a little taste of what I have so far. This is the forward section of the side cutaway and a close-up of the corridor details. Enjoy.

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Hey, don’t worry about not being around. I’m sure we all understand that you have been busy. I’m glad you have the hallway. The hallway was always an important transitional part of episodes. I believe even the Star Trek Tech Manual had a diagram of a hallway.

Comment by Jeremy

Don’t worry about us. Since this is something you’ve been doing out of the kindness of your own heart and time we’ve no right of complaint.

Awesome work on the previews. Looking forward to the finished product.

Comment by Barrie Suddery

Awesome work!!

I have never seen such detailed and complete work on the NX-01. Risking to be considered a pariah, Enterprise is my favorite Star Trek show. I own the complete series on DVD and seeing all your hard work, will just get back to watching it.


Comment by Marko

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