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I’ll Get You My Pretty… And Your Little Osmotic Eel Too
October 14, 2010, 11:07 pm
Filed under: NX-01 Deck Plans

I would like to introduce the Medical Equipment Schematic… and doing so feels a little sad. You see kids this is the last of the prop schematics. I have finished all the bits and bobs I wanted to render and it feels rather weird knowing that they are all complete. I don’t know if I should have a party or call the undertaker.

But despite this being a sad occasion, I have a surprise for you. With the exception of Porthos, I have been limited to drawing the endless inorganic structures of the ship. For this schematic I had the privilege of including one of Doctor Phlox’s Sickbay pets, the osmotic eel. Over the four seasons of the show, we got to see her in action numerous times, from working on Archer’s leg in “Broken Bow” to removing Xindi neural parasites from Hoshi. After a little research, I found enough information to be able to include her. (And if it wasn’t for the very informative glimpse of her belly in “Marauders” she wouldn’t be here.) I admit it was a thrill painting her skin textures and details. It was a welcome change from the clean straight architectural requirements of a project like this. To view the osmotic eel in all her glory be sure to visit the website to view the full resolution schematic.

And without further ado… here is the Medical Equipment Schematic.

As you can see I didn’t include much with this one. Phlox used very few tools in his Sickbay so I included what I could locate a decent image for. Hopefully it works for you. If not… what did I do with that broom?

Ok. Next on my list are the E/V suits. I plan to do a front and back view of the suit and a schematic of Doug Drexler’s bottle suit. I am very excited about this one. Stay tuned.

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Fantastic work as always. Can’t wait for the Drexler Bottle Suit.

Comment by Barrie Suddery

Hey Bryant,

I can almost copy the beginning of my last post three months ago. “I’ve just come home from a longer trip without a lot of internet access and now I’m happy to see your latest posts.” This time, I was in Northern Africa.

First of all, good to hear that work and personal life keep “getting in the way” of the project which kind of is a good thing in itself, I guess. But I share your feeling. You’ve finished almost all the schematics, have posted almost all your updates. Your four-year-long project has almost come to an end. Reason for a party. Definitely. Reason to also be kind of sad? Definitely maybe. Time to call the undertaker? Definitely not.

By the way, I still have a number of good ideas for small changes to your deck plans. Like this one. In the room with the Transport Control Processor on D Deck, you already have a vertical Access Hatch. Why not put a lift there like the one in Engineering that would bring someone who has just been transported, but is contaminated, to the room right next to Decon on E
deck. Only one wall would have to be moved and since the transporter and decon are only five meters apart anyway, such a lift might be a good idea. There are still some things concerning the project to really look forward to, is what I’m saying. And I guess the Side Cutaway is still a lot of work, too.

I like your new schematics. The hand scanners, the communicator and especially the hypospray look really great. The Klingon’s message on the Universal translator makes me smile. And yes, the osmotic eel looks really nice and organic. But like I said before, your plants and the colourful uniforms also do. And so does the organic Vulcan language on the scanner.

By the way, really like your new Smurfula-gif.

Comment by Jadin

Great as always. I cant wait for the EV suits!

Have you ever thought about doing some of the work stations and display sceens i.e. Bridge Stations? or the Shuttle Pod consoles?

Comment by Richard Carter

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