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Have Phase Rifle… Will Travel
June 28, 2010, 7:23 pm
Filed under: NX-01 Deck Plans

Well here I am again with another update and this time it is on our beloved team of MACO’s. I know it has been a little while since I posted something but “real life” keeps busting in on me demanding more and more attention. And if that attention means a paycheck and a way to put my life back in some semblance of order after “the flood”, this project can wait a few days. I know that some of you would rather I keep feeding you more NX-01 goodness but doesn’t absence make the heart grow fonder… or something like that.

Anyway, here she is… the MACO’s weapons. Check it out.

And before we get into the particulars let me just tell you kids this. We may have seen the commandoes in action time and time again but their weapons did not receive a lot of screen time. Actually this schematic was a real pain in the ass to do because of that. Choosing between fleeting shots, blurred glimpses or partial views, I basically had to paste these weapons together like Frankenstein’s Monster. I also searched and searched for some decent orthographics of the phase rifle and the stun baton but I found NOTHING of any use. But despite that I tried to make them as accurate as I could with what little source material I could find. I am also about 99% sure I got the shapes correct. Some of the details I had to guess on but I am pleased with the final product.

I am working on the Away Team props next. But don’t get too excited. My July is booked back to back for the next three weeks so it may take me a little while to finish them. Stay tuned though! We are in the home stretch now. I have five more prop/costume schematics and the side cutaway to complete then I am done with this project.


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Outstanding work as always.

Comment by Richard Carter

Great work as always.

But the page doesn’t load all the way. Will try again, later.

Comment by John Ritter

Okay, got it.

By the way, one major mistake, that Hollywoods made, was assuming that there is littl to no difference between a rifle, and a pistol. There is a big difference, to be exact, around eight times the amount of punch – it depends upon the length of the barrel. For energy weapons, the output should be an eight fold improvement. But why limit it? Well one reason could be the mass(weight) of the power cells.

Which raises another question – how much more powerful are the weapons of the shuttle pod?

Comment by John Ritter

Amazing. The amount of work you put into this is incredible.

Comment by aadarshinah

Your work is absolutely amazing! I actually just did some vector drawings of the MACO uniform and gear a month or two ago, and I was pretty impressed with them, if I do say so myself. However, the detailing on yours puts mine to shame. Amazing job!

Comment by Cronos6939

Well you got some more data on the NX-01. From the calander Ships of the Star Fleet. Check out

Comment by John Ritter

Hey, I’m Jeroen 15 years old and I’m writing a star trek fanfiction about the NX-03 Blue Fire (basically same ship as NX-01) and this really helps me to get to know the NX class ship, thanks man. I’ve searched forever to find good deckplans. These are just awesmome! Though i think the quarters of the ‘important’ people might be a little more zoomed in 😛 When you are finished with NX-01, are you going to make NX-02 Columbia? Better ship lol, 12 phase cannons, right? Enterprise only has four, too bad. Keep up the good… no, awesome work.

‘Captain Jerah Callaghan’
Jeroen meijer 😛

Comment by Captain Jerah Callaghan

It has been two months since your last update.

Comment by John Ritter

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