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Stun Now, Ask Questions Later
June 15, 2010, 7:29 pm
Filed under: NX-01 Deck Plans

This week I am bringing you a schematic of Starfleet’s Weapon Arsenal. We have the Phase Pistol, Pulse Rifle, EM-33 and the Stun Grenade.

And here she is…

I was thinking about combining all of the weapons, Starfleet and MACO, together on the same sheet but I would have had to render everything about half the size to fit everything in. I didn’t like that idea at all. No one would be able to get a good look at the details at that size. So instead I decided to break the weapons into two groups.

And before you kids start, I know you are going to be asking about accuracy. I am proud to say I found some clean images of the actual gun props online! None of them were a direct orthographic view but they helped immensely with getting all the shapes spot on. What most people don’t really understand is that the drawing is the easy part. Each weapon took less than four hours to do. But I spent ten times that researching each prop’s colors, size, details and tech for accuracy. I especially had trouble with that damn stun grenade. It was either in someone’s hand with fingers covering most of it or on the ground and far away from the camera. I managed to piece most of it together from those fleeting images until I realized they had used them as part of the bombs meant to disable the Borg vessel in “Resistance”. Even then the lighting only gave me a complete outline but not much else. It took some time but I think I nailed it though!

Speaking of details, the Phase Pistol is exactly how it was seen in the show. Being what is called a “hero prop” it was built to stand up to close scrutiny. However, the other weapons were not built as such. The details are a little soft and construction was a little hurried. As I was drawing them I also began to notice that they looked a little flat compared to the Phase Pistol. To unify everything I chose to enhance them with some finer details, extra join lines and lettering. It really helped blend them better with the Phase Pistol. But don’t worry. My additions did not change the original look of the props. I just filled in some of the blanks that people wouldn’t have been able to see on their TVs.

Oh and one more thing… Did you know that the Pulse Rifle is actually a modification of the Jem’Hedar guns from Deep Space Nine? The prop department removed the circuitry detailing from the top of the gun, changed the muzzle, added a second hand grip to the front and gave it a new paint job. Did you kids also know that the rifle was modified again in the second season with a double barrel and was seen firing a plasma pulse from the bottom barrel and a particle beam from the top?

As always, let me know what you think. The MACO weapons are next on my list so stay-tuned.


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Nice. good thing you didn’t give a range for these things, or did I miss it?

The mistake, that many people have made, in assigning ranges to these weapons, is that they aren’t slug throwers…

The inverse square law determines range.

Comment by John Ritter

No. I know better than to include a range with the specs. 😆

Comment by Bryant

And just an FYI for everyone… I am taking all my tech information for Phasers directly from the TNG Technical Manual. Several folks have sent messages asking where I got my info from.

If you would like more information about how they work, I would suggest looking them up at Memory Alpha.

Comment by Bryant

Landing party equipment? Et el.

Comment by John Ritter

Your phase pistol is dead on to the Art Asylum toy version of the gun, which was actually used in the show as a prop. I own both an original and the toy and can tell you that your phase pistol doesn’t match:

The real thing has much less of a curve to the top, and is a bit longer. I can take comparison photos should you wish.

Love everything you’ve done here btw!

Comment by Alex Walker

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