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The Deck Plans: Version 2.0
June 7, 2010, 10:03 pm
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Now that I have completed the final version of the NX-01 deck plans, I wanted to know what everyone thinks. Do they capture the ship in all her glory? Do they meet expectations? Did I miss anything? Are there areas of the ship you would like to see as a detail plan?

I want to know so here is the place to speak your minds!


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I think the upgrade is just incredible. You have far more details than you had in the first. The crawlspaces are visible. I mean you even have their clothes hanging in their room. Heck, I am surprise that you do not have a second image of the gallery set up for movie night. ๐Ÿ˜€

Comment by Seppun1

Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€

Comment by Bryant

The plans are fantastic! My only gripe is the Captain’s Dining Room. Of all the places that you’ve made up, why is the Dining Room rendered incorrectly when it was one of the most-seen rooms??

Comment by Robbie

With regards to that, I really had no choice. The aft space in the Captain’s Mess was screwing up how the crew quarters needed to be placed on the Starboard Side of the ship. If I had kept what was seen on the show I would have lost those crew quarters. With space for crew quarters at such a premium I couldn’t afford to do that.

(This is the only major change I made to what was seen on screen. The choice was also made with a lot of thought and weighing of options. But as they say, sometimes the only choices you have are bad ones. For more information on this and how to contact the other torch wielding villagers, please see my blog post on E Deck.)

Comment by Bryant

bring back the warp core detail(warp core interior) other then that version 2.0 is sweet i find myself just looking at them for hours at a time also cant remember his name but where was the temporal agents quarters the one that was sealed

Comment by FCVPI99

So you want to know how Phase weapons work.

Phase weaponsare a form of laser. But unlike the simple laser of Science Fiction, they do more than put out the power. That is watts. What they do is to Phase Modulate the beam. Phase Modulation is where you polarise the the beam, and then rotate the result. Back and forth. This imposes a signal onto the beam. With standard positive optics, you can do this down to 1/2 of the beams wavelength. With negative optics, it has reactly been shown that it can be done down to 1/50 of the wavelength. The wave length remains the same, at all time, but the signal doesn’t.

So what does this get you? With sufficently great enough phase modulation, a beam at a wavelength of 760 nanometers(red), can carry a signal that is equal to 15.2 nanometers. the advantage is that red light(760nanometers) penatrates our atmosphere easier than anything above 380 nanometers(violet). Anything above 380 nanometers, is in the ionizing range. That is it will be ionized to one degree or another.

You say so what? As well you should.

But here is where it gets interesting. Another word for ‘ionize’, in the real world is: “Disrupt”. Meaning to strip electrons away from their atoms. Meaning to break atomic bonds.

So what is the difference between a Phase weapon, and a Phaser weapon? It is the difference between a smooth bore, and a rifle. With the phaser being the rifle.

Comment by John Ritter

The actual technology behind a phaser has never been fully nailed down in dialog. But one thing is certain, phasers use phased and energized nadion particles to “move” energy along a specific path. What you are talking about is basically creating a plasma beam.

I am trying to find a plausible technology that falls between the two. Or in other words I need a particle to phase and energize.

Comment by Bryant

Not quite. it is a laser, but a signal modified laser – it is phase modulated, thus carring more information…

No need to invent a new partical.

The point is to deliver an energy beam, that is smarter done than a straight laser.

I can not vouche for setting eight, but setting seven? Yes.

The point is to induce disruption with the lowest possible power. You want to do more damage per unit of time, than a laser of the same power.

Now if you want to read about real phased lasers the U. S. Air Force is workong on them See Avaition Week and Space Technology January 12, 2009. And they are quite a bit different than one would expect!

Comment by John Ritter

Fantastic job, but just the problem of the Captain’s Mess! No one would have noticed 1 less crews quaters! but the missing part of the Captains mess was so obvious!!!!!

Comment by Richard Carter

I was impressed with the LAST version, but this one’s phenomenal.
Having said, I did ALSO like something about the last version in particular, maybe the very simplicity, the color…
I think you may consider the current designs the most accurate (apart from the Capt’s Mess! :> ), but I don’t consider the last version the “lesser”; maybe there’s a place for them both!
Anyhow, thanks, I look FORWARD to exploring the current designs.

Comment by grigori

Hey Bryant,

I’ve just come home from a longer trip without a lot of internet access and now I’m happy to see your latest posts. It must have taken you quite a while to put together the design of the weapons. As someone who has a huge database of 720p episode screenshots myself I know that there weren’t that many scenes with weapons close-up at all, let alone focused pictures with some contrast. Most of the fighting on the show took place in the dark anyway – so kudos for that.

But since weapons aren’t really my favorite things in the world anyway, I rather give you some feedback on the deck plans. And even though your plans are pretty self-explanatory, I’ve also got a number of questions.

On F Deck, I especially like the AM pod storage and ejection system as well as the MACO Ready Room. Considering that you modeled the Secondary Research Labs on B Deck with your college library in mind, this room is like one of the seminar rooms from your college days, right? At least that’s what I’m reminded of. Great.

However, when I compare version 2.0 with the old one, two things caught my eye. Firstly, the rear common areas and the E-F between-deck access ladders are cut in a really strange way; I thought the old access with only one (instead of now two) hull plate width looked better.

Apart from that, in the old plans – more exactly right in the middle of the warhead loading bay – there was something that looked like the photonic torpedo transfer tube in the armory. Well, since there is nothing like a cargo/torpedo lift in the loading bay to lift the torpedoes into the between-deck now, how are torpedoes loaded at all? If directly into the between-deck, why is there a six-meter-wide opening in the loading bay at all?

On G Deck, I really liked your idea of the separate atmospheric processors.

Comment by Jadin

And like I said, here are some more questions.

The B Deck Geological Specimen Testing Bay, the C Deck Fabrication Facilities and the E Deck Hydroponics Bays all have those tube-shaped apparatuses. What do the three rooms have in common so that they share the same equipment?

On C Deck, there’s the so-called Rapid Prototype Machine Room; I guess the most cryptic name of any room on the ship. Please tell us more.

Also, what’s the purpose of the Reactant Monitoring Stations on E Deck next to the injectors? There are already the D Deck M- and AM Injector Monitoring Bays and those ones already have windows towards the injectors.

And finally one of the top-three nagging questions about the plans in general, I guess. No I’m not asking about the Captain’s Mess or about Daniel’s quarters. My question โ€“ you might have seen it coming โ€“ is about the warp core ejection system. Looking at the plans of the lower decks, I still don’t see how it works.

Looking forward to your answers, All the best.

Comment by Jadin

Your deck plans are amazing! However, I can’t access the “cutaway view” deck plan page. I click on the button, but nothing happens. All other buttons work just fine.

Comment by ToMaHaKeR

That button doesn’t work because the Cutaway has not been completed yet.

Comment by Bryant

A quick notice:

Life Boat plan sheet (internal view) have a red circle labeled “16”, but has no description under Main Features of what it is (the list goes up to 15).

Oh yes – I have trouble understanding how photonic torpedoes are deployed from the torpedo storage bay.

Thanks in advance!

Comment by ToMaHaKeR

(Haha, I just saw Porthos in Archer’s quarters!) xD

Comment by ToMaHaKeR

I just wanted to post a quick note to everyone. I am SWAMPED busy right now and haven’t had a minute to put together answers to the latest round of questions. I haven’t forgotten though. Just be patient. I will be with you as soon as I can.

Comment by Bryant

wow, first I’d like to say I’m impressed with the amount of work you’ve put in this and the result is great ๐Ÿ˜‰ but I did notice some things while browsing through the deck plans and since you are asking for feedback I’ll put em up for your consideration.

1.It may be that the plans are unclear on this one but it looks like the torpedo storage area isn’t well connected to the launch ensemble; there’s a security corridor in the way witch makes transferring torpedoes quite awkward and this is something that should go smoothly in the chaos of a combat situation. Also it’d make sense to have some way of transferring ordnance between the aft and fore torpedo storage areas; though this is an operation that isn’t likely to be done during combat.

2.Decon chamber; Not sure what you had in mind here, so maybe I’m a bit unclear on the plans but as a general principle it makes sense to have some sort of setup that separates circulation; so like in the case of locker rooms you have a “dirty circulation” that would prly be some sort of sealed corridor or airlock leading from the launch bay directly to one entry in the decon; and a “clean circulation” connected to the decon room exit and the rest of the ship so you don’t contaminate the ship while moving personnel from the launch bay to decon.

3.The captain’s mess. This one’s quite easy to fix the way I see it. If you’re willing to give up one of the entry alveoles to the crew quarters and put the two crew quarters baths together (rotate the showers 90 degrees to gain some space) you’ll prly gain enough space to make it look plausible. Actually grouping bathrooms is something preferable in constructions bcuz this way you get to group the piping as well thus using less. It’d also help to have smaller crew quarters by giving up one of the 3 separations in the one adjacent to the mess hall.

As a side note I love the shower designs from the show but they do seem a bit bulky to install on a ship where every sq cm counts ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

3.It generally makes sense to have the galley be directly connected to the mess hall, also to the captain’s mess, much like you connected the dishwashing space. But don’t worry too much, large kitchens can be quite a headache to design ๐Ÿ˜› refer to “Neufert Architect’s data” if your curious and you can get your hands on one.
Also you should consider that you need some sort of furniture storage in order to rearrange the place for movie night, those tables need to go somewhere, though they could prly just be stored in the back of the room or smthing.

As a side note the mess hall does seem rather small for a crew of that size in the show.

4.Escape pods. Luv the design ๐Ÿ™‚ but as a general principle it would make sense for them to be spread around the ship a bit, especially close to the areas where the crew have their battle stations, bcuz combat is the one situation where they are most likely to have to abandon ship in a hurry. I realize that would be extremely difficult to do in this case so having them on the middle deck like here seems like a plausible compromise.

5.Sick bay. This one is a problem with the show sets actually. It would make sense to have some sort of recuperative ward and/or intensive care unit where the sick and injured could rest without being bothered by the other activities happening in sick bay, and where they could be monitored without being in the way.
Another beef I have with all the star trek ship designs is that the main bridge is awfully exposed and doesn’t really have a good reason to be that way:D so it always needs that auxiliary control like in TOS or battle bridge like in TNG.

6.The shuttle pod also has plasma canons, but those are small and shouldn’t be a problem to add; and the upper hatch has an airlock “s01e16 shuttlepod one” ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ; the airlock thing is a wee hard to swallow though, don’t really see where that could fit.

ow, sry for the awfully long post ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by Alex S

Hey man, love the designs – just some feedback – been watching Shockwave Pt.2, and Reeds’, T’Pol’s and Tuckers quarters are said to be on B deck, with Mayweather’s and Sato’s on C. Sorry to be such a pain >_<

Comment by Squire

Wow! So many new questions! But again I am still very much occupied elsewhere at the moment. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I promise to get back to answer everything in the next couple of days though.

Until then, check out this blog post where I answered a lot of the questions being asked here.

Comment by Bryant

this site is great, i saw older versions of these on another site a while back, and its cool to see you’ve updated them! could you make detailed (or at least just as high res) of entire decks? that would be amazing

Comment by Peter

I am amazed by your incredible detail! I love the upgrades, the more accurate color pallet is fantastic. I was wondering how do the photonic torpedoes make it across the hall to the launch area? Ive always wondered about this watching and re-watching the show. Keep up the great work. I look forward to the other equipment sheets. I am a huge fan of your work.

Comment by CJ

Hey, just a question.. Maybe if you are done with Enterprise NX-01, a nice project would be the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E (Sovereign Class). I know it’s a lot of work, but it would really be cool ๐Ÿ˜›

Comment by Captain Jerah Callaghan

Hey! I know you’re busy with the EV suits etc. but maybe you could do some bridge panels? or door panels, you know? That would be cool, never actually found a good pic of those :/ But your pics are always the best, so you can actually do this!

Comment by Jerah

These are just the most joyous plans I’ve ever seen – and I’m not exaggerating. You’ve single-handedly inspired my NX-era Star Trek RPG campaign, which is so much fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

I have only one query: would you be likely to add the plans for the NX-Refit from Doug Drexler’s site:

Cheers, and thank you so much for your awesome work!

Comment by Aldaron

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