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Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Phasers
May 31, 2010, 6:16 pm
Filed under: NX-01 Deck Plans

For some reason, F Deck has always been everyone’s favorite. I guess, since it is where they keep all the stuff that blows up, people can’t resist. Everyone loves stuff that blows up. But enough chat from me. Here she is.

As you can see we have some areas for the MACOs to play. We also have antimatter containment, the brig, launch bay observation deck, and the nifty armories. I also included an access hatch for loading fresh torpedoes in the forward section of the deck. It was something that was in the previous plans but was hard to see. Basically the torpedoes are loaded in from the front and then shunted to the storage rack through a transfer aisle located in the half deck above F Deck. The torpedo is then loaded into the rack from the top. From there the spatial torpedoes have to be hand loaded into the magazine which moves them onto the armory launch platform. The photonic torpedoes have been designed to be more automated for a quicker response time. They are carried to the Armory from the storage bay through a transfer aisle located beneath the storage bay and armory floors. When the photonic torpedo rack in the armory needs to be replenished, fresh torpedoes are brought down through the storage bay floor to the transfer aisle, moved forward and up into the armory through a hatch in the floor just under the Amory storage rack. The rack then lifts them into place, ready for the next target.

Let me know what you think.


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In the Tech briefs by Drex, He states that the stern of the Enterprise, that is between the nacelles can be removed…

Are you going to show that?

Comment by John Ritter

It’s fantastic to see the new and improved deck plans in great detail. Like I said before, the colors are awesome and extremely moody; but in some sections of the ship, you’ve truly outdone yourself.

For example the lighting in the catwalk, the way the warp coils shine, is absolutely perfect.

The other thing that left me speechless are the clothes hangers in the officer quarters, which I now see are even differently filled depending on which department the officers belong to. Insane.

The most artistic and really outstanding section you’ve done on the ship, however, is, I think, the tailor shop with all those stacked reels of cloth. Great artist, man.

Comment by Jadin

I admit I wasn’t sure anyone would notice the uniform racks. LOL (I even did custom versions for T’Pol and Phlox’s quarters.)

Comment by Bryant

Like always, your plans are full of witty ideas. LOL about the straight-forward one-cubic-meter-big bulk protein storage tank next to the galley. Stylish.

But a question about E Deck. Behind the lower shuttle bay, there’s a gravity rotation drum. Does that mean that the ventral viewing gondola is upside down? If so – which would be a nice idea – is the rotation drum, which doesn’t seem to have doors on either side, a “sweet spot”, where people just float from the one grav region to the other?

And perhaps one request. There are obviously countless sections of the ship you’ve worked on for a long time, which aren’t that great to see in the whole-deck resolution. No rush of course, but ultimately, I’d like to see at least a dozen further high-resolution sections, beginning with the nav deflector generator, the secondary recovery ward and the cargo bays with the cargo arm control booth.

Great work, Bryant

Comment by Jadin


And yes, the ventral viewing gondola is upside down in relation to the rest of the ship. And I envisioned the “rotation drum” to be like the one seen on the space plane in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Of course it is smaller and you don’t have to walk it to rotate it but it works the same. A crewman climbs into it, holds onto the handles and the drum flips them over. The gravity plating in the drum keeps them stationary during the flip.

And I may do some more detail plans later on. I just haven’t decided which ones to do.

Comment by Bryant

The amount of detail and attention you’ve put into this project is absolutely mind-blowing. I’ve been a fan of your site for some time which I check daily. If I were technically inclined, I would comment more frequently. I have only one observation:

There’s a minor discrepancy on
Items 11 and 12 are mislabled.

As the decks appear to be shrunken versions of the more detailed sections, I’m assuming larger deck images exist. Will you be posting large whole-deck images to coincide with the scale of the main bridge and crew quarters images?

Keep up the extraordinary work. It’s truly something to be proud of. I look forward to see what you produce next.

Comment by dave tiekamp

I fixed that mistake. Thanks for the catch!

Actually the full deck versions are reduced versions of the detail plans. (Yes I did all of the decks at the detail plan resolution! I am insane.) But sadly I am not ever going to post the full versions to the internet. They are way to big and I am still combating thieves who keep trying to sell my work on Ebay. I refuse to give them anything else to steal.

And thanks for the compliments! 😀

Comment by Bryant

Not insane, just dedicated.

Now to be insane in this case means not only working out eaxtly how the varsious service pannels open up, but exactly how the Enterprise opens up for maintainance, and doing in high resultution such that if one wanted to, one could atually build the thing!

Come to think of it, you had better do this anyway for completeness sake.

>>:^<< (wicked emoticon)(very wicked emoticon…

Seriously how do the warp engines open up for service? They, according to Drex, have to do this after any prolonged high speed run.

What about the cago bays? And their arms? What about the tracks they are supposed to use?

Comment by John Ritter

Actually I did figure out how the nacelles open up. If you look closely at the catwalk schematic you can see some of the doors. The double plates that run across the top would open up too.

As for the cargo bays and the cargo arms… they are in the plans too. The arm and its track run vertically along the wall inside the cargo shafts.

Comment by Bryant

That isn’t what I meant. I meant show them deployed, and if possible in motion, going from a stowed position to an active position, for the arms. But for the service hatches, just the open position, will do, I think, for now.

Comment by John Ritter

Oh my. No offense but I would need to be paid actual money to bother animating that. lol I have to draw a line where I do certain crap for free… or uber-complicated crap for free.

Comment by Bryant

Good! I take no offense. There is nothing wrong with making money. Just wish I had some…

Comment by John Ritter

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