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Dead Stop
May 31, 2010, 8:26 am
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I have no idea how to start this post… or even where to start. This last month has been something out of a nightmare. For the last two years I have resided in Nashville, Tennessee. My residence there was the longest in previous six year nomadic trek. And in that time I had learned that the weather there was more temperamental than anywhere else I have lived. If it wasn’t treacherous ice in the winter it was the weekly threat of a tornado in the summer. But at the beginning of May we were hit with an epic rain storm that made what had come before look like a simple afternoon shower. Everything around me was either damaged, destroyed or swept away in the deluge. In less than three days time we received 16 inches of rain. Rivers were 60 feet above their banks. Homes were washed away. Roads were closed. Businesses were flooded. More than 80% of the county was without power. It is one thing to hear about something like this. It is another to actually experience it first hand.

As for my own condition in the storm, the apartment I lived in was at the top of a hill so I didn’t have to worry about flooding but I was without power for a week. And if it wasn’t for the sale on loaf bread the week before at the Kroger, I would have gone hungry since all the roads around me were closed. When the power did finally come back on, I found that several appliances and equipment had been fried when the local sub station blew. This included the microwave, wireless network box and the cable modem so I was forced to go without microwave popcorn and internet. Once they cleared the roads, I tried to get online at the local library but found it had been closed due to flooding. My laptop died last summer so I had nothing to take to my local book store. I didn’t think that Barnes & Noble would appreciate my coming in and setting up an entire desktop on one of their tables. Needless to say I was stuck. Without the internet I can’t make a living. Actually without the internet I can’t do much of anything. I also needed that popcorn as my afternoon snack.

But here I am back online. Since the flood I accelerated my plans for moving out of Tennessee. What was supposed to happen at the beginning of the fall I ended up doing last week. But despite all of the rain, wind, power outages, packing and unpacking, I have kept working. The plans are basically finished. I have a few things left to do before I close the book on them. I have five prop schematics that I want to do and the Cutaway still needs to be completed. As before, I am planning separate blog posts for the remaining decks and schematics. However, I won’t be using the posts as the “big reveal” for the decks like before. As of this afternoon, I have uploaded an improved version of the website that includes the new revised and revamped plans and schematics. I am still making changes and updates to the site so you might find things half finished for a little while so please be patient. (And if anyone notices a mistake or broken link, please let me know!)

Feel free to look around and check out what all is new and improved. I have made some small changes to some of the pages. I have also refined the look of them as well. And I added a new page about the Science Labs that you kids might find interesting. It contains a list of the different scientific fields that are studied onboard the ship.

I will be back very very soon with something on F Deck. Right now I have to go retrieve my other microwave from storage so I can make some popcorn. Anyway, stay tuned!

Oh and feed back on the new plans, detail plans and schematics would be great too. Hopefully everyone will enjoy them as much as they did the previous versions.


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I am glad that you had sense to live up the hill. You may not know this, but media coverage was terrible on what was going on down there. It wasn’t important. A major flood happens, and causes more than a few deaths? And it isn’t impotant.

In the real world one has to wonder what we aren’t being told, and need to know….

Comment by John Ritter

There were deaths but it also displaced thousands of people. Almost 10,000 people are out of jobs. Most of Opryland, a major tourist draw for the city, will be closed until fall. It was definitely news worthy… but not ratings worthy. 😦 Where is Edward R. Murrow when you need him.

Comment by Bryant

Was just looking over you site agin, after some weeks. The shuttle pod detail page only loaded half way, before quiting.

Comment by John Ritter

For some reason, a few pages did not upload properly. I am in the process of correcting that now! If anyone finds any other pages (besides the Guest Quarters on the Download page) please let me know ASAP.

Comment by Bryant

Sorry to hear that the disaster in Nashville hit you personally. Sorry to hear that the rains and floods had such devastating consequences in general, that so many people and the city as a whole is affected by the disaster; with only little outside help. Sorry to hear that even your basic supplies were running low and that the tragedy now made you leave your home of two years.

Hope you and your friends are okay and that now that you’ve got pop corn once more, everything will work out fine for you.

Myself, I’m lucky to have lived in Berlin most of my life, a city that hasn’t had any significant natural disaster throughout her 800-year-history. Of course, such things could happen everywhere; and two good friends died in the Banda Aceh tsunami five years ago; but it’s still sad to see any devastating floods, be it in New Orleans, almost every year in Bangladesh, or now in Nashville.

Take care.

Comment by Jadin

I’m sorry your last month has been such a nightmare and I’m glad you’re up and running again.

All the best.

Comment by Barrie Suddery

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