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Treading Softly…
April 28, 2010, 5:03 pm
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I have been thinking about doing a post on this subject for a quite awhile now.  I haven’t bothered because I was afraid it might come off as a little snarky or “finger pointing” and that was never my intention. It also wasn’t just one person but a confluence of posts (from several boards and places) and emails that I have been receiving for the last year. I can also be sarcastic and even a little bitchy when I am really really riled up. I am not riled up about this at all. For the most part, about 98% of the time, I am an easy going guy and I am easy going about this. I just think I need to explain something. But doing a post like this may lead people to believe that I am ready to jump off a roof. Something always gets lost when you communicate with just words. A simple sentence can be made into something else if you aren’t careful. But, despite that, here it is… and here I go… treading softly…

These plans are just schematics; nothing more, nothing less. Basically they are meant to be a graphical representation of the “real thing”. (And I use the term real thing loosely here. The NX-01 is, after all, just a piece of hardware that exists in a fictional world. It is no more real than the Bat Cave or Castle Grey Skull.) To that end, I have chosen to remove or leave out A LOT of incidental parts and pieces for clarity’s sake. If I were to try and detail these plans with absolutely everything they would be indecipherable and I would be a vegetable trying to get it all in there. For example, the aft section of the warp farings is missing several items including the structural pylons for the nacelle struts, Jefferies tube entrances, cooling pumps and access ladders. To try and include all of those things would have made finding the major parts and pieces  impossible. I have also done this with the rest of the ship and decks. I left out furniture that would have obstructed other furniture or wall pieces. I also removed chairs, props, lights, equipment, movable computer consoles and computer screens. I also didn’t bother filling in all the areas between walls or some of the mechanical areas. And all of this was done in the name of clarity and simplification. It would be pointless to put all of these hours in if people are not going to be able to understand what they are looking at. But building a 100% photo accurate schematic was never the point of this project. It was basically to create a basic blue print but with more detail and color. I am very confident I have achieved that. And I admit I am a little shocked and forlorn that some folks don’t think that is enough. Here I thought I was giving you more when it turns out it was less than what was expected.

But anyway… If you are looking for something and it isn’t there, I probably left it out for a reason. It was more than likely intentional. And to save you some time, I didn’t include any “easter eggs” either… except one. Good luck finding it when I get the new versions of the plans posted.

I am off to work some more on F Deck. I am itching to get this one finished. Again if I stepped on any toes, that was not my intention so don’t kick the dog. He just works here.


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I don’t feel stepped on my toe and I didn’t want to step on yours, sorry if I did.

The point is this. After you posted E deck, which was everything but a tiny piece of work, the comments you got on the first days were several wows and greats, someone who wished for of a book, a keel joke and a “great job all around”. For your last big post before that, you got several damn-greats, several can’t-wait-for-the-finished-versions and this one cat’s line about “his quarters”.

Perhaps I’m mistaken but I thought that these comments weren’t what would be helpful either, when you asked for feedback.

My questions, comments, suggestions, whatever, were neither meant to come off as passive-aggressive nor as pedantic — I don’t know how you read them — but really just as curious and supportive. After all, you’ve taken on this endeavor alone and some outside piece of advice might be helpful. (My third advice would have been to move the door between decon and the aft lift around the corner – for logical reasons)

If that’s not what you wanted, then I’m sorry. Godspeed!

Comment by Jadin

^ Oh man… dammit. I knew that this was going to happen and I should have just kept my mouth shut. Is this about the windows? Actually your questions about the windows made me think about writing this post but it was not the cause of it, not by a hundred miles. Actually I am glad someone asked about them so I could explain it.

But here is the deal folks, this post was intended for a certain person and group who keeps emailing me about missing consoles, bathrooms, pressure doors, why I put the crew quarters on D & E instead of B and a host of other things. *sigh* Sorry folks, but after four years of the constant barrage, you have started to get to me. And one of you… I will not name names but you know who you are… could have tortured people for the Viet Cong. You broke me and I have the patience of Job for heaven sake. (Sorry for the finger pointing but I have made a mess of things already so I don’t see any harm in stoking the fire.) And again, no you can not have the full resolution renders. I know one of you cats has been selling my stuff on Ebay so bugger off.

And Jadin I never thought your questions, comments, suggestions, whatever, were passive-aggressive or pedantic. I always did think they were curious and supportive. Actually I have enjoyed your comments and questions. I actually look forward to them because they keep me on my toes. You also CHALLENGE my assumptions which is the whole point of this blog. I want this work to be good… actually better than good… and I would not be able to achieve that otherwise. I NEED you so get your butt back here post haste.

So kids, KEEP RATTLING MY CAGE. Just remember that I am only human and this blog is the best place for me to voice things. Oh and I still enjoy the compliments. I find the discussion, questions and suggestions more useful in the long run but the compliments help me get out of bed in the morning. I would be a big fat liar if I said otherwise.

(And why didn’t you say “move the door” before now Jadin? I didn’t even think about it but it would be better moved to the side. Actually I am going to change it right now.)

Comment by Bryant

Moving the door around the corner is not the solution. Better have two, because you might need the one, you already have, as a backup secondary door in case of a warp core ejection, right?

Anyway, you can be proud of what you’ve achieved and yes, the ventral windows are really silly, as well as superfluous and likely confusing in the deck plans.

Sorry to hear that there are perhaps-even-more-blood-thirsty Vulcans on a rampage, because of whom you had to tread softly. ^

Comment by Jadin

My poin has always been that you do do good work. I am not trying to harm you either on purpose or by omission.

What I am trying to do, is to urge you on. As one urges on a marathoner.

Yes, I know it isn’t real But I can’t help but wishing for better scripts, better, more complete work ups of the ideas that they have had out there in Hollywood et el.

Comment by John Ritter

this site is F___ING PHENOMENAL!!!
it’s a deck-plan junkie’s wet dream.

I’m a fan of star trek and the work you’ve been doing on nx-01. the amount of stuff you’ve accomplished blows my mind. keep doin’ what you’re doin’. i’m thoroughly impressed with what you’ve produced thus far and look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

Comment by dave tiekamp

I just had a thought this morning about something important to your design.

Hydroponic gardens. There must be sufficent area devoted to them to support the crew at all times.

This means at least four independent gardens, to make sure that fresh vegables are always there. You come out of one season, and the next is ready to be harvested. Or will be soon.

Comment by John Ritter

Well, I’m not sure it’s necessary to have more hydroponic bays than there already are; I think the layout of E deck is really good the way it is.

Keep two things in mind, John. In Version 2.0 of the deck plans, the hydroponic bays are already about 50% bigger than in the old version. And apart from that, the ship has “protein resequencers” which can make “chicken sandwiches” (Shadows of P’Jem) and “chicken and potatoes” (Singularity) anyway, in other words meat and crops. And having bigger hydroponic bays would mean that other departments would have to be even smaller. Space is really limited and most biology and medical labs on E deck are already gone.

P.S. Hey Bryant. m just arriving home from another trip. Hope everything’s fine and that work on F deck is going smoothly. Take care.

Comment by Jadin

Yes, but I am thinking that fresh food would be very appreciated by the crew. The other, and more important idea is that older technology might be more relible, and therefore would be kept around for a bit longer.

But there is another concern. I don’t think that the creators really took a look at what is already availble for food production from such things as alge. It is my understanding that one needs only about five liters per person to make it work.

But then what if you want real strawberries? Or apples? Meat can be “made” from the alge, but it will stil be alge.

So here is a fundlement question: What exactly does the protein resequencer do?

Comment by John Ritter

Your work is great …thank you very much for keeping the show alive. Excellllent work thanks again

Comment by sisko21

Haven’t stopped smiling in half an hour; eyes wide with amazement…

So, now after the two years, what’s it you’re feeling; pride, relief, still in the Vulcan/Klingon mode. Catching up on sleep?

So many WOWs, especially the AM pod ejection system, the planetary sensor array and yes, the dog…

Comment by Jadin

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