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April 25, 2010, 8:14 pm
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So here it is folks, E Deck. I have slaved, laughed, cried, screamed, smiled and ate sticky pudding with this one. E Deck is where everything about the NX-01 converges together. This is where her heart is. And from my point of view, she seems to go on forever… near far… wherever you are… her heart will go on… Ooops. Sorry. Someone get a shovel. My exhausted and over-taxed brain needs someone to hit the reset button. And you would think, after nearly a decade, that chest-thumping Celine would just let that bloody boat sink already.

And I am not going to chat this one up. I am just going to put it out there and let you kids check it out. I do want to warn everyone though: There have been a lot of changes to this deck so you shouldn’t be surprised. And most important, T’Pol and Archer’s quarters are the only ones that stayed in the same place. The rest of them have moved. Actually Trip and Phlox’s quarters switched sides! (And yes both are still cannon since their location was never established. Actually Trip’s was shown being on both sides: starboard in the first season and port in the fourth.) I also want everyone to know that I reconstructed the tiny blue prints for the sets that I had found at a higher resolution. I then used my reconstruction to make sure that ALL of the character’s quarters were the same proportions they were on the sound stage. (And yes, Archer’s quarters were that tight. He barely had room to walk in there.) And now, on with the show.

Here is sickbay, which I completely redid from scratch. And if you look closely, you will notice the new lift shaft, dedicated sickbay toilet and isolation labs. If you look over on the left, you can see the corridor to access the lower level of Engineering. Since that area is higher than E Deck, you have to go up a ladder to get to it. (The new cross-section cutaway will explain this better!)

Here are the insides of the warp field governor. I have no idea what it does but I tried to make it look cool. (Actually that is a lie. I know what it does and even wrote about it on the warp tech page on the website. LOL)

This is the port airlock and forward of that is the sensor pallet. I also included a closet for EV suits, equipment and weapons just off the foyer. If you look closely you can see my new versions of the EV suits and helmets.

This is the bussard collector on the starboard warp nacelle. I designed the parts behind the cap to resemble what we saw on the “under construction” GC model of the NX-02. Aft of that you can see the catwalk and the access area that we saw in the second season episode “The Catwalk”. I also included the make-shift navigational console that Travis uses to steer the ship.

And here we have the mess hall, captain’s mess and serving kitchen. I know I am going to catch hell for this (but I don’t really care) but the captain’s mess is smaller than it appeared on the show. I chopped off the aft area and used it for a bathroom. It may not be what you folks saw on the show but it was screwing up the flow for the crew quarters. (And I am not changing it back so don’t bother asking.) And if you look forward, you can see the dishwasher.

This nifty little area is just starboard of the launch bay. We have the inspection pod docking bay, the decon chamber (that I know I am going to have to explain again and again) and a new addition, the bottle suits. Mr. Drexler posted a couple of shots of these on his blog and I was very taken with them. I just had to add them to the plans. (I also intend on doing a schematic of them as well.) They are housed in their own little docking berths/airlocks that can be accessed from the outer bay or from behind. If you access the berth from behind, the airlock can rotate around to allow access.

Next we have the impulse rockets. According to Mr. Drexler, fusion reactor technology is still in its infancy during this time period. The small impulse engines in the saucer are equipped with a small fusion reactor. But the main engines utilize warp plasma tapped directly from the plasma conduits. It is then fed through a series of magnetic constrictors similar to a Vasmir ion engine and vented aft through two magnetic exhaust funnels. You can also see the vertical access tube to the warp nacelles.

This is one of the hydroponics bays. These people need to eat! I even included a seed repository and a hydroponics lab in the aft section on the starboard side.

And last but not least, here is one of the maneuvering thrusters. It has tanks and nozzles and other stuff. I also drew inspiration for its workings from the “under construction” CG model of the NX-02. (Actually, much of the superstructure and support system were based on that model as well.)

And because I cleaned up the escape pod areas, I have had to revise my crew numbers. And they are:

Standard Crew Compliment: 120

Maximum Crew Compliment: 130

Emergency Capacity: 160

Maximum Life Boat Capacity: 134  (120 in Life Boats, 14 in Shuttle Pods)

Crew Quarters: 96 on D Deck, 36 on E Deck, 2 Guest Quarters on G Deck

Life Boats: 30 (4 person capacity)

Alright that is it for now. I am moving on to F Deck now. And since I have completed E deck and now have a good working outline, I am going to start upgrading the full deck plans. It will take me several weeks to get the decks I have completed up and running on the website though. I may just wait until I have all of the decks finish before I make the switch on the site. I am going to have to relabel a lot of stuff on the web pages and I am don’t have the time right now. (Those pop up labels are a bitch to redo.) Then after that I will get to the generating new detail plans and switching them out.  And somewhere in all of that, I want to redo the shuttle pod schematic and start on a few new things like the EV suit, bottle suit, weapons and other props. I hate to say it but very soon… very very soon… this project will finally be done. (Then I can finally finish the episode companion!)


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Fantastic work. You really should get together with Doug Drexler and hammer Pocket Books to do an NX Technical Manual. With his insights and your work it would fly off the shelves!

One question though; I seem to recall that the Enterprise crew compliment was 80 or so. Granted that was in the first season, and the ship left dock ahead of schedule, but surely they’d of had their full crew complement?

Comment by Barrie Suddery

Actually I don’t think a book will ever happen but it is a nice thought. To be honest, this entire project was for me to have a little fun and I am satisfied with that. (And Doug probably has way to many irons in the fire to bother with me and this mess.) Besides, there is a new Haynes Manual coming out this fall which will include the NX-01. For more info, click here.

As for the crew compliment, I made the assumption they left Earth with only about 3/4ths of their planned crew on their maiden voyage. The ship could still function of course but it is more logical to add at least twenty more people to that original 80. (I have all this worked out with departmental breakdowns, staffing numbers and crew rotations. I just need to find it.)

Comment by Bryant

When do you cut the metal for the keel?

Comment by John Ritter

Next Tuesday.

Comment by Bryant

You mean tomorrow? Fantastic. Yepeeee!!!!

Comment by John Ritter

Okay, E deck. Let’s see my room. OH NO! I’m kidding. 😀 It looks great. And from what I can see, it looks like my room is still there too. I like what was has been done. 🙂

Comment by Seppun1


There’s so much to say and I don’t even know where to start… perhaps, in keeping with your insider, first off another colorful analogy.

When your deck plans first came to be, no one could have been certain if they’d make it that far. The plans were pretty much helpless. It took them months before they were able to crawl, almost a full year before they could walk, many years, actually, before they were in the shape they are in right now. All around, an intimidating environment full of fanatics looking for weak spots to attack. The plans stumbled, made mistakes, I’m sure more than a few, before they found their footing. But they were learning from those mistakes. That’s what being deck plans is all about.

Bryant, for real, thanks for helping them on their way.

Comment by Jadin

So much to say and still have no idea how to continue… I’ll just dive right in.

Sickbay looks really nice, especially the new microscopes and the isolated sample storage area. The hydroponic bays are also pretty neat. And I especially like the whole inspection pod and bottle suits bay. It’s a pity that Doug Drexler’s space working suits were never used in the show, but it’s great that you’ve incorporated them in your deck plans now. It’s also a nice idea to have both pods in the same hangar, which leads to the question, what is the port bay used for? On the 800 pixel wide overview plan of E deck, it’s hard to make out what that long construction is supposed to be.

The warp nacelles also look beautiful; the catwalk and the bussard collector are super stylish. Perhaps the most stylish thing you’ve created on E deck, though, is the angular access ladder toward the nacelles, I think. It has a really nice 3D look to it.

The one detailed plan, however, that left me really speechless, is the one with the airlock. Not only because of the extendable airlock itself or the EV suit locker right next to it, both of which look perfect, but because of the absolute overkill of detail per se that you put in the crew quarters right next to the airlock. I know, I made a joke about possibly finding a Cochrane figurine or a picture frame here and there, but I’d never imagined clothes hangers full of differently-colored shirts and uniforms. Speechless.

And of course, I’ve got a couple of questions. I start with the most complex one.

The warp field controller looks great, in particular the small doors and the access ladders towards the upper part of the controller. Yet, it’s really different from what I expected. The area itself is high enough for a normal deck and so I thought you’d put in a real work area around the warp field controller, with consoles and everything. Right next to every other plasma accelerator or junction, you have at least some kind of consoles. I now realize that I’ve never really understood what the whole section was about and so I reread your warp system tech text. You wrote that in the warp field controller, the port and starboard plasma conduits are opened to each other to balance their plasma pressure. They are “allowed to converge in a holding tank […] This procedure balances any differences in plasma frequencies and speeds due to variations in acceleration forces, gravity and energy distortion during the transfer from the main reactor.” Well, it’s still not clear to me. How does the whole thing work? Is it a “holding tank”, which sounds really static or is it another magnetic centrifuge, another accelerator. It connects two plasma accelerators with fast and focused plasma bundles, right? So shouldn’t there be more than just two plasma conduits leading towards it, so that the bundles don’t slow each other down on their way in either direction. Or are there already four conduits, two on either side, on top of each other, so that that they only seem to be one. And why do you call it “warp field controller” anyway, if it basically just regulates plasma frequencies? In the episode “Divergence” (and in many TNG episodes for that matter) the shape of Enterprise’s warp field is changed. Of course, that was done from the bridge, but I thought the “warp field controller” might have had something to do with it, too. Please do me the favor and explain it in more detail.

Ah, by the way, now that the main impulse drive is no longer powered by fusion generators but by warp plasma directly from the conduits, does that mean that in case of a warp core shutdown, only the saucer impulse rockets are working?

I’ve got more questions, but got to go now… I’m looking forward to your answers. All the best!

Comment by Jadin

The Field Governor: 1. According to Mr. Drexler, the original idea was that the farrings and the field governor was essentially dead space. To make repairs, you would have to go outside the ship to do it. That is why you have an airlock on the backside of the governor. The episode “The Catwalk” put an end to that. I still feel that the crew would only need to access those areas rarely so their would be no need for consoles near them. (That area is also smaller than the bridge area. Space is very limited so why waste it!)
2. There are four plasma conduits running to it. They are stacked on top of one another.
3.As for the tank, it is holding the plasma but it isn’t going to hold it for long. It will need to keep it moving so it can send it back into the system. It will also need to match the frequency of the plasma that is already in the main lines. And I have no idea why they call if a governor. I just work here and make stuff up to fit what was said. And following the great Sternbach and Okuda, I am intentionally being vague about everything. LOL (I may have confused the terms somewhere. The warp field controller is in that bubble thing in the aft end of the nacelle. The warp field governor is the structure between the warp farrings. My brain hurts.)

The impulse rockets: I guess if the warp engine was off than they would have to use the smaller ones in the saucer.

Comment by Bryant

Another question is about the ventral windows. When you look at the underside of the ship, there are four rows of windows. All windows close to the center of the ship are of course on F and G deck and the outermost row of windows is directly beneath the outer corridor on E deck. In other word, according to the CGI model, someone who’d stand in the corridor outside the mess hall would see six half-a-meter-wide windows in the ceiling of the corridor and three windows in the floor. Obviously, not one of these windows was shown in the series and I guess, Bryant, you’ve deliberately decided against putting them into your deck plans, perhaps because in this outer corridor, it would be hard to make clear which windows are in the floor and which are in the ceiling.

My question, however, is about the second row of windows, the windows underneath the hydroponic bays, underneath the galley and its port counterpart, which I guess is the barber shop, as well as underneath two toilet areas of shared crew bathrooms and another corridor. According to the CGI model the outer hull at those sections is about 60 cm lower than the hull where the outer corridor is, i.e. the windows are about 80 cm under the floor level. What were your thoughts on that? Can the windows be seen only from really narrow crawl spaces underneath the deck or are there 80-cm-thick windows that directly end with the floor?

Comment by Jadin

I left those windows out intentionally. I tried several different ways of including them but they all hindered rather than helped. You just couldn’t tell what they were! And when you reduce them down to the size of the full deck plan, it really made a mess of things.

And the locations of those floor windows doesn’t really mean much since the ship is in space. Who is going to be looking into that window in the bathroom? No one! LOL I just made sure I didn’t put a wall or something structural over the top of them and went on. (Besides, those windows are rather silly in the first place. I can only assume the production decided to add them for a little more scale detail on the ventral side of the hull.)

Just so you know (I went over this over at the BBS) the raw orthographic CGI renders can’t be used to check my alignments! They have to be modified to remove the camera lens distortions. If you don’t then those windows fall in places they are not really at. (The floor windows run just along the inner light box in the corridor where the ceiling windows run down the center.)

And the structure of the floor windows would be the same as the others. They would just be inset into a tunnel and covered with a grate flush with the floor. Of course cleaning them is another story… especially the ones in the bathrooms and the hydroponics bays. Ewww.

Comment by Bryant

Shouldn’t the corridor aft of the decontamination chamber (the one used by supposedly-contaminated crew to enter said chamber) be sealed off at the port side side to prevent contamination spreading to the rest of the ship?

Comment by Shawn

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