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A Vulcan in Klingon Clothing
April 13, 2010, 7:56 pm
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First off, this is not a post about a completed deck so please don’t get excited. I just wanted to stop in and give a quick update on my progress with E Deck. I am building as fast I can.

At this point she is about 1/3 of the way to completion. That may not sound like much but believe me when I say it is. It is a HUGE amount of work for such a short period of time. Of course I am attempting to expedite things but I keep getting mired down in the details. At this point I want to rip through it like a berserk Klingon on a killing spree but I keep finding myself rethinking areas and equipment. My logic is constantly overpowering my need to bash my way through it. In the end that may be a good thing but I really want to take a crack at F Deck. I have a ton of new ideas that I want to implement there!

And I have to say, I have made so many changes to E Deck most of you won’t even recognize it. Not only have I implemented Doug Drexler’s nifty ideas, I have also added quite a few of my own, corrected some elevation mistakes I made with the engine room and cleaned up the crew quarters and corridors. And speaking of crew quarters, I finally figured out how to marry the shooting sets with the saucer’s windows! (Or in other words, T’Pol, Trip and Hoshi’s quarters are now accurate.) I ended up loosing some of the outer quarters but the new escape pod configuration had made them redundant anyway. (More on all of that later.) I am thrilled with how things are turning out. Everything is so much smoother and precise than the previous version.

Tonight I intend on finishing up the port faring and I may even get around to laying out the warp nacelle. In this version, I am actually drawing out what they look like on the inside. I am also doing the warp field controller the same way.

Stay tuned!


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I guess, all people who check out your site time and again are aware what you’re doing; something that no-one has done before; not only considering the amazing level of detail of your work or the really aesthetic looks of your deck plans, but especially because of the abundance of great ideas you come up with and your attempt to make every single aspect of the ship plausible. You integrate hundreds of small ideas that the designers and the production crew of the series merely hinted at or didn’t even think of at all.

Doug Drexler’s ship was fantastic from the start. Most of his ideas, like you said, were really nifty; his detailed CGI model was spectacular and it was great to see some high-tech features even from the outside of the ship. Yes, his position of the escape pods made little sense and when he designed the Intrepid, he did it in a rush, too. But all in all, his work was incredible. Also Herman Zimmerman, John Eaves, Mike Okuda and countless others did amazing things to work towards an almost realistic design.

However, no-one but you has ever tried to create deck plans for the 50,000 square meters of the ship’s interior; nine football fields full of technology; every centimeter represented by one pixel. It’s insane. And I guess, most of us out here stand in awe.

Now, E Deck definitely is the center piece of your plans, not just because it’s 20,000 m² big, but because it’s full of unique sections. The new navigational deflector looks perfect; it will be really great to see the interior of the warp nacelles; and I’m especially looking forward to seeing your design of the warp field control area. By the way, how will it be connected to the rest of the deck? Do you put in crawl spaces like on C and D Deck or a between-deck like the one you see in “Silent Enemy” and “Acquisition”?

Anyway, if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by E Deck right now and have many new ideas about F Deck, just go for it. Perhaps it’s easier to work from the smaller to the larger decks in any case, just like you did up until now; and finishing E Deck last makes just as much sense.

Comment by Jadin

^ The warp field controller has a crawl space that connects it but you can also access it through the rear by airlock.

Comment by Bryant

I have always enjoyed the incredible work that you have done, so of course you always have my support. 🙂 It sounds like you are having fun too and isn’t that the important thing in doing such a task? 🙂

With what you have already shown of the new setup, I am able to imagine even more things for my crew member to do. 😀 (I never knew there was a pool table on the ship.)

As for E deck, I can’t wait to see what has changed where I had always imagined his quarters. 😀

Comment by seppun1

^ Uh oh… you are probably going to be annoyed then. LOL. I have changed all the crew quarters on E Deck! Which one was it?

Comment by Bryant

HA! No problem. 😀 It was Aft Starboard section of the deck. There were like 3 past the airlock. It was like the 2nd one.

Comment by seppun1

Actually that berth was meant for Phlox but I moved him forward. That one still exists and is still open. It is also bigger then the previous version.

Comment by Bryant

Awesome work as always. Off topic, but I thought you might be interested in this:

Comment by Barrie Suddery

WOW. Anyone who doesn’t think the earth is a fascinating place should take a look at those! And the pics of the ash lightening are awesome.

Comment by Bryant

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