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Kick the Tires and Light the Anti-Matter Fires, Big Daddy
April 4, 2010, 7:49 pm
Filed under: NX-01 Deck Plans

Well here it is, D Deck in all her glory. Let me tell you, this one was complicated. There is so much going on here that I had to check and recheck everything to make sure it all lined up and jived with the C and D Decks. Needless to say this version is a thousand times better than the previous version. I also made more than few changes to the forward sections so I could get the corridors cleaned up. With the corridors worked out/added to, the crew quarters all fell into place much better. I also cleaned up the cargo bay areas and added a second open level to the second stage plasma accelerator bays. I am very pleased with how she turned out. Anyway, here she is.

I also have a few detail shots to show. Click to embiggen.

First off we have the upper level of Engineering. I redid the warp core completely and added lights, signage and better details.

This is transporter chamber. I also gave this a makeover.

This is the Aft Observation Deck. I am including a peek because I think this area is cool. And the hatch/ladder in the window area leads up to the upper observation booth.

Last on today’s update are the new and improved crew quarters. If you look closely, you will notice I changed the number of configurations. In the first version, I jumped from the enlisted version (two people in something close to a closet) to a single person cabin with a private head. Now we have enlisted cabins (still two people in each room) with a central dormitory style bathroom area. Next in line we have a lower rank suite consisting of two double rooms that share a bathroom. Two people would share each room but would have their own areas separated by a partition. The next quarter type would be the middle rank suites. They consist of two separate single rooms that share a bathroom. Last we have the senior officers quarters. This type would be a separate single room with a private head of course. These are all located on E Deck.

Right now I have moved on to E Deck and she is already giving me a headache. And I am already predicting that this deck may keep me busy for a couple of weeks. It is very exciting though! Let me know what you think. Feedback! Feedback! Feedback!


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I haven’t checked in for some time, been on a trip; so belated, hope everything worked out fine with your moving. The thing you said about the void sounds sad, hope it isn’t that bad. What you said about ale, wine and blue barf, though, sounds as if you left your old place in real style.^

I’m happy to find a new deck plan on your page now that I’m back. D Deck looks fantastic. The warp core especially is spectacular — you’ve outdone yourself. LOL about new crew quarters; with the new desks, they definitely look much more occupied. Now, I wouldn’t even be surprised to find a picture frame or a Cochrane figurine in the final deck plans. Actually, I’ve just been looking around the crew quarters for some kind of “Easter Egg”; a ball or a guitar or a pile of socks in some corner. Bummer!

Like always, your plans are full of great ideas. It’s nice to see some more internal windows all over the deck; in the warp resin chamber (as thought-through as it gets), the Upper deuterium and A/M injector chambers, as well as the cargo bays. In particular, the clean room next to the lower Computer Core is a really good idea, a perfect place for backup computer components.

The one thing I love most about D Deck, however, is the two small storage rooms behind the (most stern) cargo bays, the rooms full of shelves — I mean it. What’s so special about these rooms is that you not only used your standard-sized (small, medium or large) shelves, but that you fit them into the room perfectly. It’s hard to say from the overview plans, but it even looks as if you put some kind of shelf ending into the corners. This is a great improvement over to the other storage rooms you’ve done so far, for example the small storage rooms next to the game room with pool tables. In them, a lot of storage space is just wasted. Plus, it’s really not that sensible to have separately standing shelves in a ship that is heavily shaking at least once a week.^
As soon as you finish E Deck and you’re certain that all things from the decks above line up, i.e. as soon as all walls on the first decks are fixed once and for all, it would be nice if you could rework the ten or so storage rooms on B and C Deck so that they’re just as nice as these ones.

Apart from that; there are two more proposals I’d like to make. The first one is about the showers. The shower in the beginning of “Unexpected” doesn’t only have one shower head above the cabin, but also a hand rail on either side of the shower. These are not only there to hold on to in case the gravity turns off, but there’s water coming out of these hand rails, too. Perhaps it’s a good idea to recheck your design before you put in all the showers on E deck.

The other thing is about the cargo bays. It’s hard to say on the small plans what the thing next to the cargo bay control room is. It looks like one of the grapplers that can be seen in “Broken Bow” or “Breaking the Ice”. To have one of these in the cargo bay is definitely a good idea. However, there is some cargo that you might not want to shoot at with grapplers to pull it into the bays. For the more fragile stuff, it might be nice to have an extendable arm like the ones the Warp 5 Complex has; or the ISS for that matter. So, how exactly can cargo be pulled into the cargo bays?
The last thing (for now) is this. The innermost D and E Deck cargo bay has two upper areas, one of which can only be accessed from the bottom of the room, but not from the corridor on E Deck. If the computer stations there are really important, wouldn’t it be more practical to either put in one more door or to move the computer stations to the other side of the room and use the gained space for something else, entirely? Anyway.

Great work, Bryant

Comment by Jadin

On the Trek BBS today you have a very good argument for why it glows blue. Very well reasoned, but I am no too sure about yet. It may be that I am biased from Masao’s site.

However you must leave roon for sensors – read: cameras, that ‘see’ in different lights…

Comment by Nick R.

I am not familiar with Masao’s theories. What does he say about it? (I love checking out all the interpretations!)

And don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten about the sensors. They are on pallets located on the outer edge of the saucer, just to the left and right of the nav deflector.

Comment by Bryant

His site is the Star Fleet museum. And is found on Ex Astris Scientia.

It is quite extensive.

Comment by Nick R.

(Yeah I know about the sites. I was hoping you could tell me so I wouldn’t have to try and find it. Not being lazy here, just a little busy!)

Comment by Bryant

Try this.

Comment by Nick R.

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