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Oxidizing the Midnight Petroleum
March 10, 2010, 6:45 pm
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Guess what. I have been busy. Things have been slow work-wise so I have thrown myself back into the project with a vengeance. Are you excited? You should be because I have finished work on B Deck. I now have A and B complete… finally. After talking about it for over a year, I actually have some to show for it.

And here it is… (click to inbiggin)

Obviously I have reduced this down from the original. That file is 7324 x 6355 pixels (or just over 6 feet wide) and clocks in at a whopping 220 MB. And just a note, the reduced image above is smaller than the new full deck plan will be. I will start posting those just as soon as I finish off E Deck and have an outline to use for the new schematic background. And for those folks who like this sort of thing, the scale of the detail schematics is 1:52. I plan on figuring out the scale of the full plans when I actually figure out what size I am doing them at.

I thought it would be cool to post a few highlights from B Deck. I had intended to pull some new detail plans from the finished schematic this week but I realized that I was still making to many changes to do that. As I am working on C Deck, I have found a few anomalies that needed to be corrected on the upper deck so everything lines up properly. The sharply curved upper hull of the warp farings makes it difficult to cram certain pieces of equipment in as well. Several times I have had to pop back into B Deck and move pipes and support struts so that I could get something in below.

Here is a taste…

This is a snap shot of the astrometrics lab. To the left is the deuterium fill port (accessed from one of the two large round hatches on the dorsal surface of saucer). Just above that is the port deuterium tank, which is compartmentalized just incase of a hull breach. You can also see the control room for the tanks and an airlock accessing the fill port and the tank area. If you look closely at the airlock, I have also included a rack of blue hazard suits. No one wants the crew working with cold deuterium without suitable protection. Safety first!

This is the top portion of the main plasma accelerator. Just to the right are the port fuel tanks and above is the emergency venting system.

This is one of my favorite areas, the research labs. I am not sure why though. It is just an area that crew can use to do research, go over lab results or use to set up experiments.

This is a special area for set aside for sample storage. After some thought, I realized that they would need a place to store samples that the ship had collected from the interstellar medium such as dust particles, comet fragments, etc.

Does anyone remember the Jefferies Tubes that the Borg took over in the second season episode, “Resistance”? Well this is it. To the right is the warp plasma relays. To the left is the drop off to the next deck. The two pill shaped vents in the middle are emergency plasma vents.

So what do you think! And please… please… feel free to give feedback. It makes my view of things less myopic. So, positive or negative, all input makes the work better!


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Looks good! My only comment is that it would seem to be more efficient if the research labs were on the starboard side of the central corridor so they’d be closer to the sample storage facility.

Comment by Shawn

I think you misunderstood what the research labs are for. You wouldn’t necessarily be using those rooms for actual testing. They are more for planning, writing papers and so on. Since most of the researchers wouldn’t have an office, this area would give everyone a place to quietly work. For example, in my old college library, they had a room that was set up with cubicles, each with a desk. Some were set up with a computer or a microphish viewer. Some were just open work areas. But the entire room was set aside to give students a place to work while having access to the information available in the library. The research labs are basically open offices. (I am thinking I need to rename them. Something like information lab would be more appropriate.)

Comment by Bryant

Which actually leads to two other questions.

Remember the episode in season three when they try to synthesize Trellium-D, set up an experiment and the whole thing blows up. Well, when I read “research lab”, my first thought wasn’t really library-research cubicles as could be found in colleges; I thought more about close-quarter spaces, where rather unpredictable practical research could take place. Perhaps that’s what “Shawn” though, either.

Anyway, I didn’t much think about it, but I thought that that’s what you were aiming for, too, when you put small isolatable compartments inside a more solid outer structure. Not for silence, but for protection. This section, I still think, seems to be the most suitable for risky undertakings. To have a library/quiet space for research is of course necessary, too. But were, then, is the spot for practical high-risk experiments.

And apart from that, when I saw B deck, I thought the library was the lab on the bottom right; the first starboard section from the bow. It has workstations that reminded me of the library in ST Insurrection, a library with workspaces facing each other, there to support collaborative teamwork. And it’s not as if an NX class starship would be as crowded as a college and really needed cubicles. Non-college people can work more quiet anyway.

The other question is this. With an initial crew of 83 and a maximum of 156 seats in the escape pods and shuttles (according to your old plans), how many science officers and crewman do you think are on board. On B deck alone there are, I think, 64 workspaces with seats. Let’s say there’s a science and med department of around, I guess, 15 people, it won’t be as crowded anyway, right?

And since you obviously put more thought that anyone into these questions; what do you think is the engineering – science & medical – armory ratio on the ship and how many people are really needed to run it?

Comment by Jadin

Wow. You kids really are paying attention. I love it!

As for your questions, let me say first that I am in the process of revising the spaces for the escape pods so that original maximum capacity may change. As for the crew ratios, I want to look those over again when I get the revisions finished. What I will say is this. The crew compliment is probably at full capacity after the Xindi mission. Most of the crew would also be cross-trained in several different fields so engineers would double as security officers and science officers could be medical personnel, etc. I also think your number of 15 is a little low for science and medical. I would double or even triple that. This vessel is, after all, one of exploration. But again, I will post revised numbers later down the road.

As for the isolated research labs, those are on E Deck. You would never put something like that so close to the outer hull. (B Deck is completely out of the running for that.) T’Pol even mentions that they are conducting the Trellium-D experiments on that deck for just that reason.

Comment by Bryant

Correction – if they were on the *port* side.

Not a Navy guy…

Comment by Shawn

Awesome. Really looking forward to seeing more.

Comment by Barrie Suddery

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