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February 27, 2010, 4:38 pm
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Finally, after a year, I have something to show everyone today and I am thrilled to be back in the saddle again. I am sure you kids are tired of me dangling the proverbial carrot too.

So today I bring with me my latest entry, a revamped version of Deck A and she is a looker. Rather than make adjustments to the old version, I tossed it and have completely redone the bridge detail schematic from the ground up. Unlike the previous version, this schematic includes Deck A in its entirety! It is HUGE and really cool. I have also made quiet a few changes. First off, I have redone the outer hull lines to correct my earlier miscalculation. (This thing is now accurate to a tolerance of a few inches.) I have also worked in the forward “viewing gallery” that Mr. Drexler mentioned. And thanks to some lovely photos John Eaves put on his blog, I have redrawn all the bridge consoles so they are more accurate and have new detailing.

Take a look!

And I also want to go over a few things about the bridge that I think you might find interesting…

I hate to say this (because I am just opening a Pandora’s Box) but I have found that the bridge module on the CGI model does not actually match the shooting set. If you compare the two together, the stage set does fit inside but things don’t quiet line up. Most of the errors are small and easily ignored though. But the most glaring mistake is the location of the elevator shaft. The CGI ship has the top of the elevator almost a half meter farther back and to the side than it needs to be. The only other really odd thing is the outer wall of the ready room set is square rather than angled, like the CGI ship. This makes the desk area bigger by almost a foot!

And over the last three years, I have had more than a few questions about a certain door on the bridge. Many people have inaccurately assumed that I added it. I didn’t… and I came with proof. If you look on my schematics you will notice there is a mysterious door located in the vestibule between the ready room and the bridge. This door leads into the compartment just forward of the ready room. Most people never noticed it while watching the television show, but I did. If you don’t believe me…

This is a screen grab from the fourth season episode, “Aenar”. It is very briefly seen in a few other episodes but this one really shows it off.

I also want to point out the outer hatch on the port airlock. After carefully inspecting that side of the bridge module, I found that the hatch was actually a swing door rather than a sliding door. Actually all of the airlock hatches, including the ones with docking rings, are all swing doors.

I also wanted to point out the stairway that runs down the spine of the ship. (It is located all the way aft just behind the docking umbilicals.) Along with the ship’s consumables, waste and water conduits, this stairway runs down the spine of the ship to C Deck.

So what does everyone think? Feed back is appreciated!


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for quite some time… Really amazing how you’ve improved your earlier designs. The colors are much more moody to begin with, the struts around the deck that look like hydraulic lashing straps or something add a lot of realism, and I especially love the redesigned back of the deck with the Jeffrey’s Tube access. However, now that you’ve fixed the proportions of the deck, all that’s left of the once-sensible mission ops stations around the bridge is a 15-meter-long viewing gallery, which is certainly as superfluous as it gets. But seriously, outstanding job!!!
Hope your private life hasn’t suffered too much to find the time for this.

Comment by Jadin

^ No my private life hasn’t suffered. I just have one job again plus I have been having trouble sleeping this week. LOL Things start to happen when I get bored.

And you are right about the viewing gallery. I find it a waste of space. But there really isn’t much use for the area really. The overhead clearance is just to narrow for anything substantial to be placed there. (You have to remember that this plan is only showing the floor space. It makes it look a lot bigger than it actually is. Really you only have about a 1.5 meters width to work with before a person would bash their head into the angled outer wall.)

I also wanted to point out that the struts around the outside of the deck are actually two dimensional representations of the support structure seen here…

Support Struts

This is a picture was taken from the episode “Stigma” from a scene in the conference room (a redress of the mess hall set).

Comment by Bryant

Okay so far so good.

Comment by Nick R.

Nice picture. Now I see that your support struts are even better and more realistic than I’d thought. Besides, now it’s really obvious that there isn’t any space at all around the bridge for someone to work in.

However, one of the best things about your plans is that you come up with an own interpretation of the ship that makes sense, whether or not it was originally intended by the designers.
Although someone is saying the warp core were ejectable (even though it’s practically in the center of the ship), you disregarded that claim. There’s obviously not enough space for the shuttle control room behind the first shuttlebay (as on the set), so you changed its position to the front. The escape pods are flying out of the side of the ship in this one episode, even though all windows on C deck would be totally absurd then, so you put the escape pods somewhere else entirely, etc.

So why do you put in a gallery that you think yourself is a waste of space, when some bridge computer equipment or – even better – multi-directional! sensors would make just as much sense? Your imagination is what makes this project great. You disregarded Doug Drexler’s interpretation before, which improved your plans every single time.

By the way, the widespread turbolift system in the first version of your plans is exactly what all the other starfleet ships had and especially your idea of a turbolift maintenance room was ingeniously straight-forward. Now that you follow Doug Drexler’s idea of vertical lift shafts, does it mean you will get rid of this maintenance room altogether or that there will be several?

Anyway, really great revised version of deck A, there’s so many imaginative details to see.

Finally, not wishing you week-long insomnia, but… ^^

Comment by Jadin

I’m not qualified to offer any technical comments, but I can say that your work is a thing of beauty, with an uncanny ability to create real, tangible three-dimensional space and structures in the mind! It is a terrific service to all ENT and ST fans.

Looking forward to all future upgrades.


Comment by sp98

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