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September 20, 2009, 3:53 pm
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Over the last couple of years I have gotten tons and tons of emails about my deck plans from people scattered all across the globe. Most have been very kind complimentary with a few verbally shredding it. (And a couple have been so scathing and abusive that I wanted to wash the sender’s mouth out with soap.) But I have enjoyed every single one I have received (okay… maybe not the really foul ones). I think opinions are a wonderful thing. They help to see the good and the bad of something. And seeing a project from someone else’s eyes brings new views to something you have become jaded or myopic about.

But most of the emails I receive are from people who have questions. Unfortunately I have a full schedule and a personal life to attend to so most of the time I never get around to answering them. Sometimes you just can’t do it all and keep your sanity. So I am drafting this blog post to answer some of my most asked questions. I am also opening up the floor for new ones. I am all yours! Ask away!

The Most Asked…

Q: Room Placements, are they accurate?

A: The room and equipment placement in the deck plans is as accurate as I can make them.

In Universe: Over the first three seasons, areas and locations of things changed quite a bit due to upgrades and the massive repairs after returning from The Expanse. Quarters, equipment and even décor details changed significantly since the ship’s hasty launch in “Broken Bow”. The vessel traveled incomplete and under manned for the first two seasons. The NX-01 did not leave Earth Dock fully operational and properly crewed until her forced upgrade/refit in the fourth season episode “Home”.

Real World: The first thing everyone needs to remember is that the deck plans are a snap shot of what the ship looked like at the end of the fourth season episode “Terra Prime”. The plans also ignore information given in the Mirror Episodes (since it is a totally different ship from another universe) and “These Are the Voyages” (which I think is self explanatory).

Second, there were a number of continuity mistakes made by production over the course of the show with regards to crew quarter placement. For example, in the second season episode “Shockwave, Part II”, many of the bridge crew quarters are said to be on B and C decks. This would be impossible considering the windows in Trip and T’Pol’s quarters. The only windows on B Deck are skylights and those two windows at the back of the saucer. But those windows are practically on the floor and would make better skylights for compartments on C Deck. Then twelve episodes later, we see Trip looking out of T’Pol’s window at a docked vessel in the episode “The Catwalk”. Her quarters are clearly located on E Deck there! In the third and fourth season, the crew quarters are finally confined to D and E decks. Malcolm even confirms that bit of trivia when showing the Orion slave women around in “Bound”.

Third, these plans are attempting to sort out an imagined vessel using stage sets for a television show. Not everything is going to fit the same way inside an actual starship than they do on a sound stage. Sometimes you have to roll with things to get them to work rather than getting mired down in keeping the details completely concrete.

Q: Where is the Jefferies Tube System?

A: The Jefferies Tube system is included on the deck plans for NX-01. However, much of that system appears as vertical access tubes in the schematics.

In Universe: Jefferies Tubes are a way to easily reach hard to access places on the ship. For a ship the size of the Enterprise D, Jefferies Tubes would very prevalent. However, on the NX-01, Jefferies Tubes would be less important since much of the mechanical areas of the ship are confined to the saucer or warp farings and easily accessible. Really the only two areas that would require an extensive system would be the half decks between D, E and F decks. (For further clarification of what a “half deck” is, please see the side cute away schematic.) As for the rest of the ship, vertical access tubes are located in key locations, most prominent are the two contained within the central core.

Real World: I am not drawing out the half decks. These areas are basically nothing but equipment, support structure and inertial dampening and I just didn’t feel like wasting time laying everything out. Please feel free to use your imaginations!

Q: Where is Travis’ “Sweet Spot”?

A: The sweet spot is located in an area between D and E decks.

In Universe: According to Travis, the sweet spot is precisely located between the forward bow plate and the aft gravity generator.

Real World: I have no idea what that blabbity blab blab means. Needless to say, Travis could be talking about almost anywhere on the ship. But the most logical place in my schematics for the sweet spot would be the vertical access tube next to the forward lift shaft.

Q: Why is the Decon Chamber located next to the Launch Bay rather than Sick Bay?

A: The Decon Chamber would need to be in an area that is easily isolated and decontaminated.

In Universe: The Decon Chamber is located very close to the Launch Bay to keep from contaminating large areas of the ship transporting patients. Once a contaminated crewman is brought on board, they can be quickly moved to the Decon Chamber and the contaminated Launch bay and surrounding access corridors can either be vented into space or irradiated with ultra-violet radiation. Since the areas are already built as pressure vessels with independent atmospheric pumps, the aft section of E Deck can be easily isolated and sealed in the event of a containment emergency.

Real World: I for one would not want an infected crewperson walking about the ship leaving their alien cooties all over everything. So rather than bringing them to Phlox, I think it would be better to bring Phlox to them. And if the infection can’t be cured, you can blow them and their germs right out the nearest airlock. Vulcan or not, my logic is undeniable.

Q: Will you be selling copies of the deck plans?

A: I haven’t decided. To be honest, I would rather not get into all the headaches involved with ordering, payment, printing and shipping. But if there was enough demand for them I might consider it… and then I will be doing a lot praying that Paramount doesn’t come after me. lol

Q: Will you be making the 300 dpi versions of the plans available?

A: No. I have enough problems keeping people from stealing and attempting to sell my work on Ebay without making it easier for them. Enforcing my copyrights is already difficult enough without making things worse. Sorry!

Anyone else have a question? It’s your turn now!


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Huge fan of your work and can’t wait to see the upgrades.

Ignore the haters, they’re just jealous of your talent.

Comment by barriesuddery

No questions for you – just a hearty “thank you” for your efforts. I absolutely love the work you’ve done on these blueprints. They’re beautiful, detailed and a lot of fun to browse. They’re also useful for fueling the imagination of fanfic writers like myself. Thanks!

Comment by enterprisefic


Comment by John N. Ritter

I was curious on your opinion on the new Season 5 refit image that Drex posted? 🙂

Comment by seppun1

I am not sure what to think yet. I need to see more to make a judgment. But to be honest, I never really thought the NX-01 needed a secondary hull. I think she is just fine the way she is.

Comment by Bryant

Udates? Part two.

Comment by John N. Ritter

Updates? part three.

Comment by John N. Ritter

long time lover of you work first time bloging

great work i love them i find myself amazed with the detail enterprise is the only star trek the wife an i will watch togater we look at it alot

to get around paramount generalize it dont mention names just label as captains quarters i would pay

i do have some ideas on distribution out of Chicago land area E mail me please

Comment by brian

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