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September 13, 2009, 4:14 pm
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I just wanted to give everyone a quick look at what I have been working on over the past few months. The bits that I am showing are some of the salvageable pieces from the junked deck plans. Right now I am reorganizing the Launch Bay area to fit into the new hull outline so I might have something more to show very soon.


First on the list is a quick snapshot of the center area of E Deck. It shows Sickbay, the labs around it, the forward Engineering access corridor, the Morgue, the secondary isolation ward and the upper bays for the forward torpedo bays. This entire plan is fresh and new, including Sickbay. I redid everything at a higher resolution and cleaned up some of the little mistakes that had popped up here and there. Notice the new central lift and access corridor. This lift connects directly with the aft one seen on the bridge. If you look at the forward section between the upper torpedo bays, you will see the new forward lift vestibule. Even though it isn’t shown, there is an access tube that runs along the front of the lift shaft. I am thinking that this area leads to Travis’ “Sweet Spot” which is between E & D Decks. One other thing to note is the ladders that lead up to the Engineering Access Corridor. Since Engineering can be swapped out (according to Doug Drexler) through the aft “back porch”, The only way to place it into the area seen in the show’s official cutaway but still remove it out the back is to have it be elevated into place between E and D decks. The upper gangway in Engineering is level with D Deck. So to make the lower level accessible you would need a way to get to it from E Deck. That’s where the ladder comes in. (And if you need a reason for why the Engineering compartment is placed between decks, the warp core is directly centered vertically within the saucer in that area. This would lessen the impact of inertial forces on the core.) The compartment is sitting on a hydraulic life system housed between E & F Decks. This lifts the compartment into place during a swap out and also provides mechanical shock absorption to protect the core from external impacts or extreme inertial forces. Plasma conduits would be married together with a flexible locking sleeve from above on C Deck.


Next on the list is a close-up of the new and improved corridors. I have ramped up the detail and corrected the size of the lower lighting grid. If you look closely you can actually see how the circular support structures come out into the corridors. All of the doors are all placed correctly as well. The curved corridor has also been improved.


Next is a close-up of Sickbay. I have completely redone this schematic. The walls are now more precise with the set and I have corrected a few imperfections in the cabinet layout. The biggest change is the addition of a bathroom to the area. I am sure Phlox does not want his patients wandering the ship looking for the loo. The sinks at the entrance doors have also been corrected. If you look all the way to the left, you can see part of the new clean room lab and the specimen refrigerators.


I also included an image of the Ship’s Morgue. Just to the right of center we have the stasis chambers (in blue like on the show) and the examination table in the middle of the room. To the far right is the torpedo room high bay. Since the upper gantry way of the weapons room is not level with E Deck, you have to go down some stairs to get to it from the outer control vestibules.


This is a view of the waste containment vessels located in the aft section of C Deck. These pods can be lifted out of the detachable hull plates shown on the upper saucer. I included them because I think they look nifty. They are also housed in their very own padded/insulated bays, similar to what you would see in the space shuttle cargo bay.


The saucer has two back-up/secondary impulse engines located next to the warp farings. According to Doug Drexler, these engines are experimental precursors to the impulse engines we would later see in the 23rd and 24th Century. He also states that the main impulse rockets are not actually true fusion impulse engines but instead draw their power from the warp plasma conduits. However, both use an acceleration manifold to speed up the plasma exhaust to use for thrust, similar to the Vasmir engine minus the Helicon and ICRH heating elements. In this image you can see the acceleration manifold, the outer exhaust cone, vectoring grids and cooling manifold. The RCS thruster packs are also visible in this rendering. This view is missing the coolant tank and pumping system which will be positioned in the open area at the top. Also not shown is the fusion reactor, which is positioned inside the saucer, beyond the edge of frame to the far right.


This is a close-up up the redone inspection pod. It now closely matches the CGI version of the pod used in the show. I hope to have a better look of the pod bay up in the next week or so! “Open the inspect pod bay doors, Hal.” I also plan to have a detailed plans done of this too.


And last but not least, this piece of machinery is a late addition to the deck plans. Mr. Dexler showed off his “Bottle Suit” several months ago on his blog. I was fascinated by it so I have added it to the ship. This view is from above and the EV Suit is inside its docking tube. This specially designed airlock allows the crew to enter the suit from the back side (bottom), the doors close, the floor rotates the suit and occupant 180 degrees, the exterior doors open (top) and the suit disengages from the mooring claps within the docking tube. The bottle suit can then leave the ship through the open bay doors without having to depressurize or pressurize the bay multiple times for launches. The mooring clamps also provide consumable taps so the suit can recharge air, water and power supplies. I plan to do detailed plans of this little beauty at a later date.

Let me know what you think! Feel free to pass on any thoughts, ideas, comments, questions or suggestions.

I am hoping to show a lot more progress in the coming months. I really want to release a new version of at least one full deck plan before the end of October. I would get something to you folks faster but I have a Halloween costume to make too!


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Comment by John N. Ritter

Is the entire room is it just the Core itself that needs to sit between decks? It makes really good sense to help buffer the Engine. Very cool for the Impulse rockets. I was always curious what they meant by that. 😀 I am going to have to dig up the page for the Bottle Suit. 🙂 (Hey, look! There is where I tripped in the corridor!) XD

Comment by seppun1

Neeever mind! I actually dug through Dex’s site and found his comment about the Engine Room. Which makes me very curious if all of Star Fleet’s ships were designed with that ability. If so, then the older model ships might be able to be fitted for a Warp 5 engine. I did find the Bottle Suit too. I had previous seen it before just simply forgot about it. Doh! Did you see their plans for the Planetary Sensor room?

Comment by seppun1

Yes I did see the planetary sensor room. I have the lay out and the mechanics already designed and ready to be dropped into F & G decks. 😀

Comment by Bryant

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