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A Fresh Start
September 7, 2009, 4:23 pm
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I started this project in March 2006. So that makes this journey three and a half years and still going strong. Well maybe not as strong as it was in the beginning but I am getting my six or seventh wind now. But I will admit I was beginning to feel a certain amount of creative fatigue over the last few months. That scared me a little. The last thing I want to happen is for the quality of my work to suffer. So for the past two months I have taken a break from the deck plans. It was a good thing but I have actually missed tinkering on them. But as noble as that notion may sound, I also took a break for another reason… one that almost killed this project completely.

At the beginning of June I had reached a huge milestone with the deckplans. I had almost completed a full resolution rendering of E Deck, the largest of the NX-01 spaces. But as I began to fill in the remaining sections I began to notice that I had more space between the outer areas and the inner areas (sickbay) than I should have. It was odd but I just assumed that it was an anomaly with the change in resolution. I would soon find out that it wasn’t. I had built this new full resolution schematic by taking one of Foundation Imaging’s orthographic CG renderings, blowing it up and then creating an outline for the outer hull. I also used it to mark off where certain sections went. Since I had already drawn out several areas at this resolution, including sickbay, the launch bay, mess hall, etc., I simply dropped them in where they were supposed to go and then filled in the bulkheads and sections around them. The problem was not with the already completed sections but the outline I had created. My math was faulty (big surprise) and the percentage I used to blow up the CG renderings was almost twenty percent bigger than it needed to be. I was horrified. So after months of work redoing the plans at a higher resolution, I realized that I was going to have to redo them again to correct the error. I was so close but still so far away and almost completely burnt out. At that point I was ready to throw in the towel. So rather than just scrap things, I chose to set the project aside.

Now, after two months, I am picking things up again and making my last attempt at getting this ship’s innards down on paper. I have completely redone my numbers and double checked things by hand to be sure I am right on the money. I know for certain that I am only maybe a few pixels off this time. I also plan to salvage as much as I can from the previous decks I had almost completed. Much of B Deck, D Deck and a little more than half of F Deck were completed before I found the mistake. I intend to cut them apart and use what I can. I also plan on using the new elevator system I had already designed. I also have plans to completely upgrade A Deck so it fits my new precise hull measurements. The current plan I have displayed is about a half meter off. (Did you know that the set plans did not precisely match the Bridge module? More on that later!)

So stand back kids, I should start posting some new things soon. I can’t wait to show you what I have done with the areas around the launch bay. It is really sweet! Doug has given me so much new stuff to work with and I can’t wait to show it all off.


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Well your found your error(s?). That is is very good. Knowing is half the battle.

But even the ‘older’ pans you have already made are far better than anything I could do.

Just remember that there will aways be some error, you are human after all.

I look forward with extreme interest in your work.

Comment by John N. Ritter

He is Human? You’re sure not Vulcan…I don’t know, I remember those Smurf pictures on the forum..and he was feeling a little “blue..” Okay, Okay. I know, stop with the jokes. 😀

With your ability to do so much, I can say this. Is Math is far better than mine, so it ain’t so faulty. 😀

It is very cool to hear that you got inspired to work on it again. As always keep up the good work. 🙂

Comment by seppun1

A little blue? 😉

I have another post coming either later today or tomorrow. I have some goodies to tease you kids with… and it’s not even Halloween yet.

Comment by Bryant

Vulcan? How would I know? I have never seen him, of her. The designer could be a tribble for all I know…

Comment by John N. Ritter

Actually I am a Smurf. Think short and blue. LOL Oh and the last time I checked I was a guy.

Comment by Bryant

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