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The Solar Winds of Change
March 29, 2009, 12:04 pm
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Well… I have done it now. So many people are going to be really pissed off at me it is not even funny. I can only imagine the eventual spanking I am going to receive on this. Fans will be showing up on my door step with torches and pitchforks. And the worst part is I don’t have a windmill to escape too. Part of me is scared to make this post. Another part of me is excited because I have better information to share with the world. Whatever the ramifications are, the truth is this… I am in the process of destroying my version of the NX-01.


As of this morning, the previous versions of the deck plans are no more. Well they still exist on the website but the original versions that I have sitting on my hardrive have been ripped apart, all to make way for something new and better. Change is tough. People are sometimes frightened of change. But change is inevitable. As an artist I see change all the time. My line of work is based on change.  I will pour hours and hours of work into a design knowing full good and well that in six months I will be asked to take that same design and rework it into something else. It is the nature of the game. But instead of it being a burden, I look at it as a chance to build on what came before, hopefully making it better. It is like the phoenix rising. It is a new beginning, a fresh start.

And exactly what am I doing that makes the previous incarnation of the deck plans obsolete, you ask? Why it has to do with turbolifts my friends. What about the turbolifts? Well after much deliberation I finally got the courage to ask the NX-01’s designer extraordinaire what he thought about the lifts on Enterprise. Did they just go up and down or did the lifts move horizontal and vertical, ferrying the crew all over the ship. His answer (and the one I had concluded as well) was they were just simple vertically moving cars. No bells and whistles, just a simple elevator.

So what does that say? My initial idea was… wrong. And since I am in the process of up-scaling the plans anyway, I have taken the liberty to correct this error. I would call it a “little error” but trust me it is not. It completely throws things into chaos for certain decks. I also have to figure out how to get the lift shafts to pass through the middle of the ship without intersecting some key areas. And I have to remove the horizontal shafts too. But that frees up some much needed deck space on E deck so I am not complaining. It will also make the vessel a little more structurally stable too. (The corridor system also acts as a vertical support system intersecting key cross members through out the saucer. Right now those corridors are broken up into smaller pieces to accommodate the turbolift shafts. With complete corridors, that system will be able to better handle the structural load.)

And speaking of change, I have also taken the initiative to correct a few minor quibbles with the placement of a few things. For example, I have moved the location of engineering up a little so that the second level is now part of C Deck. I have also flipped around a few things in the launch bay. I may shift a couple of more things around ever so slightly but I won’t know until I tackle it.

This may take me a while but I hope to have at least one or two new and improved deck plans posted in the next couple of weeks. It is a lot of work to do and I am pressed for time these days. Stay tuned! Let me know what you think.


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You still have my support! I will be looking forward to see the new look to the ship.

Comment by seppun1

Like I said about the redesign of the escape pod, you will at some point rethink it, and then redesign it.

This redesign will be better than the latest version you have here, because it will be more thought out by you.

Yes, you have limits – based on other’s work on the show, but the limits aren’t your fault at all.

For instance I would build in as much capability as possible. Taking into account, that escape pod must wait for use – hopefully never to be used at all. So they have to sit there, for years on end. But if Arher’s remote controled ship is still good after thirty years, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

To put it another way; They should be more like shuttle pods in the capabilities…

Comment by John N. Ritter

Go for it Bryant!

I love the work you’ve done thus far, and if you feel you can improve it or if there are changes that need to be made, who are we to complain?

Can’t wait to see the new stuff!

Comment by Barrie Suddery

I am beginning to think John wants me to redesign the lifeboats again. 😆 But seriously. After devoting most of my free time for the last three years to the deck plans, I have reached a point I want to see this thing finished. I want to move on to some of the props and do a little more with the tech pages. The companion really needs to be finished too.

As for the changes, I am working on things as much as I can but I am falling a little behind. I have worked out the new lifts and started filling in the empty space left by the old horizontal shafts. But I got to looking at things and realized all the additions had muddled up the corridors so I am shifting some things around to smooth things out. I might give a quick taste of sometime over the weekend to keep the buzz going!

Comment by Bryant

No, I think you are doing fine. You are working thorugh a difficult problem. The problem is this: Can I do a better job? And I think from time to time in the future, being the perfectionist that you are, will try.

You are labloring under some severe constraints – like the fact that nobody before you really thought out what was required. I am not an artist any where near your level of talent. But I can see what you are up to. And I am enjoying watching you work through the requirements. Some of them self imposed, others due to the need to remain true to the medium.

I can see in the future, a set of detailed plans in which every nut, bolt, revit, weld, glueon, will be described. In about a hundred years.;^))

If you are working by yourself that it is.

I should the direction I work through is thought. One of my lines of thought is that Larry Niven is correct – see “The Soft Weapon”.

In the short story, a “cheap” space can’t keep you alive for very long. The pupeteir’s suit could keep her alive for at least two years…

So I believe in being tough on design. Go for the max.

Comment by John N. Ritter

Great job on all the existing deck plans, let alone the new ones that are yet to be released.

Would it be possible for you to email me the 300dpi(12500×8300?) version of the new ones as they’re released, starting with the EscPod?

Comment by doober187

Have you seen Drexflies blog?

You have got to see it. You are so going to start over again.

What has he got? Detailed high res images of the NX-01.

Comment by John N. Ritter

AS, I think that this is fantastic! I loved the original deck plans, and I can’t wait to see the new and improved ones. One change you might want to think about incorporating is making engineering as close to the rear bulkhead of D deck as possible. In his blog, Drexler mentions that there are doors on the back of the saucer that allow the core, and the whole engineering deck if necessary, to be swapped out with the latest model. That would be cool to see. I think a lot of the info he is devulging will help you A LOT in your endeavor to finish this project, making it as accurate as possible. Keep up the good work! (for knowing you as well as I do, this seems like an oddly formal post…)

Comment by Sean

A little tidbit that I forgot to include in my post:

You mentioned that the turbolifts of the new ship will be in the center. I don’t think they need to be. Why not have the crew walk a bit to the next turbo lift. I can see perhaps one or two that go through a few decks, , not necessarily in the center of the deck, and the rest really only go between one or two decks. I think I’m done now. =)

Comment by Sean

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