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Mirror, Mirror on the… Hull?
March 21, 2009, 4:37 pm
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What makes a starship? Is it her lines? Is it her lineage? Is it her function? Is it her crew? I guess you could say it takes all of those things to make her a starship. A starship would be nothing without each of those things to make her more than a “bucket of bolts” or an amalgamation of plywood, plastic, lights and a collection of points in a 3D coordinate system. But a question that few people ask is what makes a starship attractive?


I can’t really tell you what makes one ship more or less attractive than another. It would be difficult to quantify that in a couple of paragraphs that I aimlessly pecked out waiting for the dryer to finish. I do know that the aesthetics of most things is in the eye of the beholder. For example, I think the Galaxy class is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen but I loath the Prometheus class and its silly overly angular fan-boy design. I also adore the Excelsior class but think the Oberth looks like a badly stubbed toe. But looking at those two statements, I have no idea why I think those things. Well maybe I do with the Prometheus, but the rest I guess my heart is in control of. I like what I like. If I had to wager a guess as to why some vessels are a little more pleasing to the eye, I would have to say it’s the details. Details can make or break them.

So what are some of the details that make a space ship? (I am full of questions today.) For me, I find that the sweeping shapes of the Galaxy class, her triangular neck and the thousands of huge windows very attractive. When it comes to the Excelsior, the plethora of subtle art deco detailing really takes me in. I also loved the open docking bay hidden in the engineering hull. For the Defiant, I adore her stocky build and nested nacelles. She not only was lean and mean but she looked it too. With Deep Space Nine (though not a space ship) I loved her claw-like pylons, interesting shapes and the bright promenade windows. And for the pinnacle of Trek design, the soft automobile like details of the Refit Enterprise really resonated with me. I also fell in love with the arboretum windows and the triangular shaped nacelle pylons.

But the point of all of this is what I find appealing about the Enterprise NX-01. And I guess you folks already know how much I love the NX-01. I have made that pretty obvious. But what is it that I find attractive in her design? What details captures my heart? First off I was instantly struck by the sleek dual faring design and her distinct silver hull plating. I also loved all the layering on the dorsal surface of her saucer and that sweet little golden navigational deflector. And one of my very favorite details is her 1950’s auto inspired impulse engines housings. I always thought they looked like the tail lights of a 1957 Chevy turned on their side. However, my favorite detail, and most people are surprised by this, is the saucer’s “back porch.” That area, with all of its many ports, nooks and crannies, is completely fascinating to me. What did all of it do? Where did the doors go? That tiny little section really made this ship come alive for me.

My favorite area... the Back Porch

My favorite area... the Back Porch

So I have to ask, what is your favorite part of the NX-01? Don’t be shy now. Sound off!


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Hmmm, it is really hard to say what is my favorite. The engine room. I think they made a very good attempt in connecting the engines of the NX-Class and the Constitution Class. Honestly, though, I have always love the Engine Rooms. They make the ships go! 😀

Comment by seppun1

regarding the Back Porch you might be interested in reading Doug Drexlers comment abiut its uses.
The background might be interesting for your redesign of the deck plans, too.

Comment by Winnie

^ Thanks for the heads up Winnie. I am a daily visitor to Doug’s blog and was very excited when he made that post! Actually, my take on that area is very close to what he had in mind already but I do plan to move some things around and make the areas bigger. I have also have to figure out where the crane arm should go.

Comment by Bryant

My favorite part of the ship’s interior is the engine room, although the “plumbing” of the various parts of the ship’s propulsion systems aren’t as obvious with the NX-01’s room as they are with the 1701-D, 1701-E and TMP 1701.

My favorite part of the ship’s exterior is probably the rim of the saucer.

Comment by Greg (; TrekBBS' FalTorPan)

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